Power of Online Ordering Apps For Your Restaurant
Power of Online Ordering Apps For Your Restaurant

Unlock The Power of Online Ordering Apps For Your Restaurant

The real question is- ‘does my restaurant need to opt-in for online ordering apps?’


In 2016, 6.6% of orders were placed online while only 5% were placed verbally over the telephone – this trend has obviously continued to spike ever since.

Offering online ordering capabilities to your customers is – your restaurant opening up to a whole new channel of customers. Customers would grab their smartphones, swipe and tap to order their favorite meal to pick up on their way to work, on their way home from work or just have it delivered to them. Everyone’s just seeking for ways to have their things done effortlessly!

Below Are The 9 Benefits Of Online Ordering Shared By The Leading Giants:

1. Online Ordering Apps Are Just Super-Fast

It’s all at your customers’ fingertips.
Using online ordering apps is the easiest way to allure new customers – probably your most important, sales-generating target audience! So, it’s important that your restaurant opts for online ordering apps.

2. Larger orders

Customers can conveniently browse through the menu/catalog without feeling judged or rushed by lines. As a result, they’re likely to place larger orders. For example, Business Insider reports that Taco Bell’s mobile order tickets are 30 percent higher than its in-store sales. That means more profits!

3. Capturing your customer’s contact info

Restaurants can keep in touch with the dinners, and improve guest experience based on feedback. Capturing your customer’s contact information opens new guest engagement and marketing channels for your restaurant. This opens consistent lines of communication. Restaurateurs can encourage diners to check out new menu updates while also keeping guests up-to-date on ongoing promotions and offers.

4. Making an announcement

Whether it’s about you closing your restaurant for a week or opening a new one, you can always let your customers know. This is a much-personalized way of deepening the relationship you have with your customers.

5. Better customer insights

It is important to understand your customers- know more about what your customers love to order the most and more insights… These insights help your restaurant to come up with an action plan to further improve your menu and plan on some cool promotions to have your customers ordering more and return for even more. Not only do numbers help with busy times, it also helps identify trends and boost sales even during slow times.

6. Online ordering = accurate orders = happy customers

Restaurants will not have to worry about customers getting their orders wrong. Unlike phone calls, customers take control of what they are ordering. The extra layer of accuracy to the ordering process, which of course keeps customers happy about what they order. As a positive result, it reduces the restaurant’s wastage rate too.

7. An in-built loyalty program

We all love rewards!
Restaurants can win customer loyalty by rewarding their customers. Your restaurant can interact with new customers by offering them some great offers to convert them into repeat customers. Rewarding customers for their trust and dedication to your restaurant through points, gamified rewards programs, and discounts inspires them to come back to you again and again.

8. An easy integration with your POS

Online ordering apps can easily pull menu/catalog information from the POS. This brings a lot of convenience to your restaurant. Moreover, orders can easily be transacted and managed real time without you having to manually keep track of the orders.

9. Online menus are easier to manage

You do not have to re-print your menus all over again just to have your new range of meals displayed. It’s extremely simple! You can have your new range of meals updated online and it syncs real time across all platforms.

Stay ahead of the competition with Applova’s Online Ordering App!

Applova has been helping restauranteurs since 2016- to overcome the ordering challenges faced in the restaurant industry. Applova provides ordering solutions for restaurants of all sizes to help restaurants compete with the giants in the industry. Moreover, Applova provides a complete end-to-end solution that’s just a one-stop shop for any restaurant, including a digital marketing kit to launch the online ordering app at the restaurant.

A fact that has been very important for all of Applova’s clients, is how Applova’s digital ordering solutions are made affordable for restaurants with absolutely no hidden costs. Unlike the third-party apps, Applova does not have any commissions charged for per-order. This gives restaurants an online ordering app of their own brand, the way they want.