What Applova Self-Ordering Kiosks Can Do for You

Immediately start saving you money

Automate the ordering process, and enjoy the savings when you reduce unnecessary staff costs.

Significantly increase restaurant profits

Our cost-effective kiosk solutions can Increase order sizes by 20%+ while delivering a ROI in less than 6 months!

Attract new customers to your restaurant

Enticing imagery, personalized recommendations, and ordering convenience will delight your guests.

Reduce staff costs and streamline operations when you automate the ordering process

Let employees focus on higher value services

Automating the ordering process lets your employees better focus on the customer experience and adding more value to your business.

Streamlines restaurant operations

Applova kiosk solutions integrate seamlessly with your POS, kitchen display, and PA systems eliminating staff involvement during the ordering process. A scalable solution that grows with your business.

Reduce order errors and optimize inventory

Order errors drop to almost zero when guests self-order, eliminating the costly order redo. And, with Applova’s kiosk analytics, you will gain valuable business insights to optimize inventory planning.

Increase restaurant profits while improving the entire customer ordering experience.

Increase order sizes by 20%- 30%

With stylish prompts, enticing imagery and personalized recommendations, Applova Self-Ordering Kiosks will help increase customer order sizes by 20%+.

Process more orders in less time!

Simple by design, our kiosk solutions make it easy for customers to place orders and self-pay – improving the entire order experience. Kiosk orders conveniently integrate with your existing restaurant operations.

Maximize your ROI

A one-time investment for your restaurant, the Applova kiosk is a smart choice. Restaurants of all sizes will enjoy a significant ROI in less than 6 months while improving business operations.

Delight your customers throughout the entire ordering experience.

Intuitive and engaging

Displayed on large touchscreens, with simple prompts and enticing food imagery, your customers will easily navigate through the kiosk ordering process at their own pace.

Incentivize them with digital stamps

Applova’s loyalty program is a great way to incent guests to re-order from your restaurant. Customers collect digital stamps on purchases to earn valuable rewards. Repeat customers become loyal customers.

Easy and secure self-checkout options

Applova has partnered with leading payment providers. Together we provide the most seamless and secure kiosk self-checkout experience. Customers can order and self-pay using their debit or credit card of choice.

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