Empower Your Restaurant With Applova Self Ordering Kiosk

Empower Restaurant With Applova Self Serve Kiosk - Applova

Applova's Self Service Kiosks enable customers to independently order meals, facilitating the reallocation of restaurant staff to varied responsibilities.

Orders placed via the self-ordering kiosks are sent directly to the Kitchen Display System, ensuring meals are prepared to customer specifications for a satisfying dining experience.

The kiosks streamline the ordering and payment process, reducing wait times and enhancing customer convenience with advanced, user-friendly technology

Key Benefits of Restaurant
Self Ordering Kiosk

Key Benefits of Restaurant Self Serve Kiosk - Applova
  • AI-Powered Recommendation:
    AI is playing a vital role in every industry. How can the restaurant industry be left behind?

    The AI-powered recommendation is an inbuilt feature in Applova’s Restaurant Self-Service Kiosk. The recommendations are based on past purchases of customers which makes the self-serve kiosks to recommend the relevant products.
  • Increase Average Ticket Size
    Self-serve kiosks help to increase the average ticket size by 20% - 30% through upselling and cross-selling which directly come from AI- powered recommendations. are the best tool to overcome human errors.
  • Minimize Human Error
    Restaurant Self-Service Kiosks is the best tool to overcome human errors. As the customer directly orders from the restaurant kiosk, there is a zero percent chance of miscommunication which ultimately helps minimize human error and maximizes customer satisfaction.
  • Faster Checkout
    Customers won’t face long lines anymore, as the restaurant's self- ordering kiosk facilitates quick order placement and expedited checkout, all without the need for human assistance.
  • Boost Efficiency
    Restaurant Self-Ordering Kiosk helps in sending orders directly to the kitchen with accuracy and the speed of service will increase directly. Making payment was never as easy as it is with restaurant self-service kiosks
  • Optimize Operations
    Self-serve kiosks for restaurants help business to optimize their costs effectively and lower the overhead. By installing a self-ordering kiosk, the restaurant staff can address the other customers' needs

Designed to fit restaurants of all sizes

Save on Labor Costs: Automating the ordering process lets your employees better focus on higher-value services like improving customer experience.

Intelligent Recommendations to Increase Revenue:  Personalized menu recommendations based on historical buyer behavior and continuous learning to improve customer recommendations.

Intuitive and engaging: Enhanced visual experience with your brand’s look & feel, and personal touch. Includes powerful content and food imagery

Designed to fit restaurant all sizes - Applova

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