What Applova Mobile Order-Ahead Can Do for You

Reduce your monthly expenses

With your custom branded mobile order-ahead app, you eliminate costly fees associated with 3 rd party mobile ordering delivery platforms.

Increase restaurant profits

Reach new customers, increase orders, and become more efficient with your customized mobile sales channel.

Drive customer loyalty

Personalized promotions and rewards will delight your customers and increase restaurant loyalty.

Eliminate the expensive fees and commissions associated with 3 rd party ordering delivery platforms.

Keep more of your hard-earned money

With Applova mobile ordering, you eliminate all fees and commissions with 3rd party ordering platforms which is significant – adding an extra 30%+ to your restaurant’s online revenue.

Streamline your restaurant operations

Applova integrates seamlessly with your onsite POS and kitchen monitors reducing staff involvement for customer orders. Mobile ordering helps eliminates lines, wait-times and delays in order processing.

Cost-effective mobile ordering platform

Simple by design, the Applova mobile ordering app can be easily managed by your staff with no coding required. With no expensive development or ongoing maintenance costs, our platform is perfect for restaurants of all sizes.

Expand your customer base, build your brand, and increase sales revenue

Mobile ordering means a new sales channel

Reach new customers when you offer mobile ordering. With 40% of dining experiences involving a Smartphone, mobile ordering will energize your business. Guests will love the digital experience and convenience of ordering & paying in just a few clicks.

Customer insights and engagement

Learn more about your customers and their purchasing trends to deliver personalized promotions directly to their mobile devices. Engage, incent, and reward your customers with actionable data insights.

Better ROI on promotions and special offers

Let your customers know about special offers and promotions with push communications sent directly to their mobile devices. You can offer discounts through the mobile app with targeted promotion-codes.

Stay connected to your customers while building relationships and loyalty

Personalized customer communications

Send personalized messages through the mobile app to let them know about new menu items, special promotions, or even just to wish them a happy birthday! Build customer relationships with ongoing engagement.

Incentivize them with digital stamps

Applova’s loyalty program is a great way to incent guests to re-order from your restaurant. Customers collect digital stamps on purchases to earn valuable rewards. Repeat customers become loyal customers.

Gain valuable business insight

What’s the most ordered dish at your restaurant? When is the best time to run certain promotions? Who are your best customers? With Applova mobile ordering, you will gain actionable insights to these questions and more!

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