Why Contactless Digital Menus are Ideal for Restaurants Today

Reduced human contact, keeping guests and staff safe.

To comply with state regulations of maintaining social distancing.

Digital menus are easy to change and adjust content day in and day out.

Higher order accuracy, lesser human errors and wastage.

Detailed information and photo of each product

No app download required

Making orders by just one click with both cash and card payments

Easy order management

Contactless Digital Menus
for your Dine-in guests- How it works?


We want restaurants to thrive in the new normal!

We are offering solutions that some of the top national restaurants have adapted to. We make these solutions available for restaurants of any size. Placing Contactless Digital Menus in your restaurant, your restaurant can increase table turns and repeat visits, while doing your part to keep your community safe.

Here are some key features:


Touch-free menu- Guests can access the menu by scanning the QR code sticker or table tent using their smartphone. They can view the full menu, add items to their order and see prices. This does not require guests to download an app. Using their smartphones to view the menu is safer compared to sharing a paper menu. This is also a much cost-effective investment rather than a disposable menu.


Contactless ordering- Does not require too much of staff assistance. When an order is placed, it can be pushed directly to the POS system. The online menu can be easily managed, edited or updated whenever required.


Contactless Payment- The guests can pay and tip the waiter online. Online payments are enabled with a secure payment processor, to offer convenience and additional peace of mind to guests.


Personalized Guest Experience- When digitizing the ordering experience, guests can easily sign into their account, enter personal information such as allergies.


Building a Database- Restaurants can capture their guests contact information when the guest signs in through email or by phone. Restaurants will have the ability to contact the guests again with special offers. It helps restaurateurs understand the guests. This can also help to make appropriate suggestions on the next visit.

We are a trusted technology advisor for restaurant launch, and beyond- We help restaurateurs thrive in the new normal!

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