Here’s what some of our amazing customers have to say about us

Applova is solving your restaurant’s biggest pain points

New ways to make more money

Applova bypasses all expensive platforms and the painful variable fees, including the high commission fees paid for each customer order through food aggregator apps, saving you about 30%- 40% of your monthly revenue. Our solutions will be your new sales channel bringing you a bigger ROI. Applova has in-built upselling capabilities. This increases the average check size by a considerable amount.

Managing restaurant operations with limited staff

Our solutions are built with your business’s scalability in mind. Applova easily connects and works together with your Point-of-Sale and Kitchen Display System, streamlining all your restaurant operations. Staff no longer need to take orders over the phone and all orders can be set to fire straight to the kitchen printer.. Applova’s ordering technology eliminates lines, wait times and delays in managing orders.

More and more happy customers

Our solutions help restaurants evolve to meet consumer demand for the latest technology. Our solutions includes a loyalty program which gives your customers an extra incentive to re- order from your restaurant, turning visitors into loyal customers. Furthermore, our solutions help you understand your customers better by analyzing data. This helps you keep your promotions on point and also enables you to run your business better.