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Enhance Your Kitchen's Productivity and Accuracy With Our Kitchen Display System

Transform your restaurant's kitchen efficiency with our state-of-the-art Kitchen Display System. Designed to streamline order processing and enhance communication, our Kitchen Display System is the perfect solution for modern, fast-paced culinary environments. Experience the power of technology in making every order a masterpiece.

Key Features of Kitchen Display Systems

Applova Kitchen Display System Feature - Real-Time Order Management

Real-Time Order Management

Orders are displayed instantly as customers place them, ensuring a seamless flow from front-of-house to the kitchen, reducing wait times, and enhancing accuracy.

Applova Kitchen Display System Feature - Display Options

Customizable Display Options

Customize the Kitchen Display System's display according to your kitchen's layout and chefs' preferences, with options for different views, text sizes and colors.

Applova Kitchen Display System Feature - Integration with POS Systems

Integration with POS Systems

Applova's Kitchen Display Systerm is compatible with various POS systems that ensures smooth and synchronized operations.

Applova Kitchen Display System Feature - Order Tracking and Timing

Order Tracking and Timing

Keep track of preparation times with integrated timers, helping your team to serve your customers on time.

Applova Kitchen Display System Feature - Multiple Screen Sizes

Multiple Screen Sizes

Supports larger screens and the Kitchen Display System can be mounted anywhere in your kitchen without losing visibility.

Key Benefits of Kitchen Display Systems

Key Benefits of Kitchen Display Systems - Applova
  • Improved Operational Effectiveness
    With the help of Applova’s Kitchen Display System you will be able to minimize human error while taking orders, which will help save cost and time.
  • Boost to Kitchens Productivity
    When the chef receives the exact order on the Kitchen display, it will help the chef to prepare what exactly the customer asked for.
  • Insights and Reporting
    Valuable insights play a vital role in the restaurant business to make any decision and here Applova's Kitchen Display System comes in handy. Applova's KDS provides minute insights on every factor related to your restaurant.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
    Customer satisfaction is key to any business, and when it comes to the Restaurant business it is a must. When the customer gets their order with minimal waiting time then every customer will be satisfied with your service.

Here's why you need Applova Kitchen Display System

  • Robust and Reliable
    Applova's Kitchen Display System is created to be durable in the dynamic and active environment of a busy kitchen.
  • Easy To Use
    The kitchen Display System is built in such a way that it needs minimal training to get familiar with your staff.
  • Customizable and Scalable
    It's easy to customize and can be used for a small cafe to a large fine-dining restaurant.
  • Supports Any Menu
    Be it a complex menu, the Kitchen Display System can still handle the heat.
Why do you need Applova Kitchen Display System?

Kitchen Display System is the technology that allows your staff to focus on delivering world class guest experience!

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