Why Casual Dining Restaurants Choose Applova?

Turn More Tables and Increase Revenue of Casual Dining Restaurants

Applova enhances customer experience and efficiency of your Casual Dining Restaurant with Online Ordering, Mobile Order- Ahead Apps or Self-Ordering Kiosks that streamline food ordering and payment.


A mobile optimized experience that your guests will love to power your Casual Dining Restaurants Success.

Mobile Order-ahead

Mobile Order-ahead applications will have your Casual Dining Customers connected to your brand at all times.

Self-ordering Kiosks

Your casual dining restaurant can save huge with Applova’s Self-Ordering Kiosks!

Online Ordering

Makes Casual Dining Restaurant Accessible through Any Device

Applova Online Ordering saves money and smoothens your restaurant Operations with a limited staff.

  • Commission free on every order placed
  • Ordering in a Few Clicks
  • Streamlines Restaurant Operations
  • New channel to Make More Sales
  • Save Time and Money
  • Easy and Secure Self-Checkout Options
  • Saves your restaurant about 30% - 40% of your monthly revenue

Top features that Casual Dining Restaurant Can Benefit from Online Ordering

Your Online Ordering platform is custom branded with your Restaurant’s logo and color schemes.

Commission free for every order. Evading expensive ordering platforms painful variable fees, that your Restaurant pay through food aggregator apps.

Your Returning customers can benefit of data auto-fill so they do not have to spend time entering details every time.

Online Ordering is a responsive design, accessible through any device at any time. You not only serve your walk-in customers.

Easily syncs and work together with your POS without having your staff to accept orders or taking orders through phone calls.

Online ordering can help to increase your order-size considerably and customers can easily choose to schedule within your working time.

Continuously Engage with your Casual Dining Customers on

Mobile Order-ahead

Amidst all that chaos made by others to promote products, you, your casual dining restaurant gets to be right in their hands.

  • One-to-one direct promotions to increase sales
  • Order from anywhere at Customer’s convenience
  • Making a true connection with your customers by making them feel special
  • Send personalized messages making sure your Restaurant is on top of their minds at all time
  • Ability to upsell and inform your newest offers

Top Applova Casual Dining App Features your Restaurant cannot Miss Out

You get a custom branded mobile app with your business logo and color schemes.

All orders placed on mobile app will appear on your tablet or POS station and then be printed in the kitchen printer, so your staff can focus on immediately preparing the order.

You can make use of promo codes to provide customers with special discounts and offers.

You can analyze and study your customers buying behavior and then target them for promotions and discounts.

Customers can make all payments through the casual dining app and they’ll be securely managed.

Digital punch card features to have your customers repeatedly purchasing through your casual dining app.

Increase Restaurant’s Average Ticket Size with Applova

Self-ordering Kiosk

With Applova self-ordering kiosks you can take orders faster as customers can pay through the kiosk. You’ll only have to keep doing what you’re good at!

  • Accurate and quick ordering increases your Restaurants Profits
  • Increases Restaurant sales by 30%
  • Promotes to upsize and average ticket of a customer
  • Drives new customers
  • Keep your busiest customers Coming Back for More

Top Applova Self-Ordering Kiosk Features your Restaurant cannot Miss!

You get a custom branded self-ordering kiosk with your business logo and color schemes.

The simple and clear illustrations are easy to understand require no additional staff assistance.

Your restaurant’s self-ordering kiosk can be linked to your POS station, where you will receive all orders and manage them conveniently.

Self-ordering kiosks prompt for add-ons which increase your customer’s average ticket size.

Self-ordering Kiosk can also be linked to your kitchen printer and the kitchen display system (KDS), for orders to be managed conveniently and efficiently.

Your customers can enjoy self-checkout options through the self-ordering kiosk.

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