Spread your Brand with Applova in it!

More hardware, More transactions

With Applova’s lucrative solution bundled, you get to sell a complete solution along with more hardware. Applova being a solution that’s all about digital ordering convenience, mean more online transactions processed. Therefore, seize the opportunity to immediately gain this new revenue stream!

More Residuals

Restaurant technology industry is hot and is growing more each year. Customers would love to pay more for the solutions like Applova that help businesses grow. Therefore, you make recurring residuals by introducing Applova’s products and services.

New customers and retaining customers

With Applova you to enter an entirely new market. You stop losing your customers to competitors. Customers will stay with you longer and spend more when they purchase additional services from you.

Our Customers Love What We Do

We are passionate in designing cutting-edge technology! Together we can do some great stuff by helping businesses achieve more. Our teams are always working on improving our technical expertise so we assure we will never let you fall behind.

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