food ordering app for restaurants, custom food ordering application from Applova Inc.

Value Applova’s Food Ordering Application Brings to You!

Food ordering apps are no longer an option for restaurants, it is a must. That said, these are competitive times and to stay ahead of the game your platforms must be distinctive.

  • Commissions-free food ordering app

  • New channel to access new customers

  • Offers delivery, curbside pickup, and to-go services

  • Builds your digital presence

  • Easy and secure self-payment options

  • Flexibility to update menu or product list

  • Boosts loyalty and engagement

  • Custom branded solutions

  • Eliminates long wait lines

  • Customers can order through your social media business pages

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Why Restaurant’s Choose Us?

  • We’ve been a trusted partner for restaurants to launch and go beyond

  • We provide customized restaurant branded solutions at an affordable price

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Dedicated restaurant success manager to assure your success

  • Digital marketing pack to kick start marketing at your restaurant

  • Captures customer data to build a database for your restaurant

  • Customers tips come straight to your restaurant

  • Menu pricing control

  • End-to-end touch-free experience

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food ordering app for restaurants, custom food ordering application from Applova Inc.

Brown Butter Cafe hit almost 75% of their sales through Applova’s Food Ordering App!

Myriam Nicolas, Owner of Brown Butter adapted to Applova’s food ordering app to reopen their business when the foodservice industry went into a nosedive. Myriam Nicolas says “Considering everything that has been going on with the COVID-19, when we opened back up, Applova has been instrumental! The app and webstore have helped my business to recover, and we have seen an increase in sales ever since we started working with Applova. Right now we're pretty close to what we were doing right before the pandemic and it has been instrumental specially to go back to normal numbers and even more! We did not open delivery orders yet but we hit almost 75% of our sales through Applova! The team has been awesome! Every time I had a concern, it was solved right away and I really like the one-on-one and the fact that I can reach somebody at any time, and the response is really quick! I can definitely testify the increase in growth and sales. It has really helped me a lot! I also saw customers using the discount on the marketing images that were sent to me which I posted on Facebook and Instagram. I will definitely champion Applova! You guys are great! It made a difference in my business!”

Not just software, our dedicated team is ready to help you succeed as a ‘Silent Partner’

At Applova we always put our customers first. For us, success means our partners’ success and so we will do whatever we can to help the restaurants who work with us grow. We play the role of a silent partner, empowering smaller Food and Beverage outlets to take on the bigger players. In the metaphoric battle between David and Goliath, we are firmly on the side of David.

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Are you losing out on commissions paid to third-party delivery apps?

Third-party delivery app providers cut deeply into your profits ranging 20%-40% per order.

Restaurants use these third-party apps under the assumption that everybody is getting a fair shake. But a lot of restaurants are being taken advantage of because they think that they need to play this game. Restaurants can be running on a mere 15%-20% margin, and when third-party delivery services start keeping 20%–40% of the sales, the restaurant owners have no profits coming in.

Another issue faced by most restaurant owners are that by using third-party delivery apps, there is no control of the data. Restaurants don’t own any of the customer data if it’s managed through the third- party platform. This interferes with the direct relationship between a restaurant and its customers. In addition, they risk damaging accuracy, reliability, and presentation of the meal.

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