In an era where lockdowns and social distancing requirements have made restaurants dependent on delivery and takeout, the digital marketplace has been flooded with food ordering apps, offering customers so many options to choose from. The sheer number of apps out there means it is easy for you to get lost in the clutter. For your app to be noticed you need to be visible. No matter what cuisine you specialise in, your food ordering app needs to be made prominent and attractive enough to lure customers and then keep them coming back. Here are five easy and effective tips for you to market your food ordering app:

  1. Make an entrance
  2. Go all out with the publicity when launching your newly-created food ordering app. Create a buzz around it using as many platforms as possible. Establish a strong presence on social media and regularly promote yourself through stories and posts on your feed. This is a visual age so foreground attractive pictures of the dishes on your menu. Encourage people to download your app by offering special discounts for first-time users.

  3. Spread the vibe
  4. Conceptualize and run themed promotions, enticing your customers to keep ordering from you. Tap into customer moods and show them that you can cater to these. Call on them to celebrate the successful completion of the work week and share in their relief at the arrival of the weekend with special TGIF offers. You do not have to actually wait for a special occasion for a promotion, simply create your own! Maybe you could have an ‘Appreciate the Techies’ week or ‘Start the Week Right’ Monday offer. You are only limited by your own imagination.

  5. The new kid on the block
  6. Make a huge fuss about the latest addition to your menu. Give it a fancy name and send push notifications to your customers. Post lots of mouth-watering pictures with tantalizing captions. Make it look as though this is the best gastronomical creation ever. Since we all love a good bargain, roll it out at a special introductory price. The urgency created by the limited-time offer is sure to get customers clamouring to try it.

  7. Keep them coming back
  8. We all know that customer loyalty is a boon to business. Loyalty programmes and rewards points have proven to be especially effective in keeping customers coming back. Integrate a digital stamp card with tiered rewards into your food ordering app. Make sure that the stamping happens automatically and provide a summary at the end of the order. Create excitement as they get closer to becoming entitled to a reward and you are sure to expedite the next purchase.

  9. Create a connection
  10. Stay in regular touch with your customers. Think of building a rapport and to this end make full use of push notifications. Avoid too many generic messages and try to personalize your communication. Data analytics can help you segment your customer base and thus cater to the specific needs of different demographics. Make your customer feel special by speaking directly to them. Your efforts will be rewarded and business will keep rolling in.

Published August 31, 2020

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