The Ultimate Need for Curbside Pickup

Higher throughput and increased sales during peak times

Reduced wait times lead to more satisfied customers

Perfect during winter when customers do not want to get off their car

Great if your restaurant is
short of staff

If it’s easy to get in and out on the go, guests are likely to
visit more often

How Curbside Pickup Would Work
with Applova

Curbside pickup is a popular service provided by numerous restaurants to cater to their customers.

Here's how curbside pickup typically works.

Order Placement to Confirmation

Customers can place the order online from website or from an app, after placing the order, he/she needs to make payment online to confirm the order.


Notifying Staff on Arrival

Upon arriving at the restaurant's curbside pickup area, guests are responsible for alerting the staff through text messages, phone calls, or by simply pressing the 'I'm here' button within an email or app.


Delivering the Order

Customers stay in the parking area until the staff delivers their orders. Occasionally, orders are placed in an external 'pickup station,' prompting customers to exit their vehicles and identify their orders. Alternatively, the restaurant may request car details (make, model, color, license) to enable a staff member to deliver the order directly to the customer's vehicle.

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