Restaurant online ordering app and restaurant ordering app solutions from Applova inc.

Value With Applova's Restaurant Online Ordering App

  • 100% commission-free

  • Your app, your branding- customize logo, theme colors, menu images

  • Set up your own delivery fees, delivery agents and delivery radius

  • All tips go straight to your restaurant

  • Unlike Third party delivery providers Applova does not charge customer additional services fees

  • Applova provides after sales support- Assigning a customer success individual to provide strategic marketing support and also a marketing kick-starter kit for the new solution

  • 24-7 technical support

  • Applova plugs into your point of sales system to view incoming orders

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Restaurant online ordering app and restaurant ordering app solutions from Applova inc.

Features of Applova's Restaurant Ordering App

  • Unlimited ordering and commission-free

  • Captures guest data and drive repeat visits

  • Automated push notifications

  • Throttle when you need to during peak times

  • Allow guest to schedule orders

  • Loyalty programs to convert new customers to regulars

  • Promo-codes to provide customers with special discounts

  • Accepts credit card payments so no bogus orders, restaurants get paid before cook/prepare the order

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Our 100% Commisson Free Restaurant Ordering App is Every Restaurants Dream App!

Patrick Landeza

“I cannot begin to tell you how Applova has changed my business, not only by increasing sales but also strengthening my brand through their amazing ordering system. Applova is definitely my ‘silent partner’.

Patrick Landeza

Owner of Landeza’s Island Poke & Catering

I searched other places and Applova by far was the one that fit my budget and looked amazing. As a new business, the Applova team walked me through every step of the way until they realized I have a unique, unconventional food service model. Applova IMMEDIATELY started developing an ordering system that would specifically fit my business. They are definitely my “silent partner” because when I needed them the most, they came through with flying colors. From linking up to my social media sites, and the ability to download my app through Apple’s App Store or Google Play, they were there step by step to walk me through while I was still able to concentrate on the cooking! Never promised me anything they couldn’t do and if it wasn’t there they built it. If you’re on the fence about choosing the best system for you, all I have to say is that Applova was the most important ingredient to my growing business. They have shown me that a company can possess the two most important principles I hold true whether business or personal, the “Spirit of Aloha” and the sense of “Ohana” or family. Mahalo Applova!”

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Not just software, our dedicated team is ready to help you succeed as a ‘Silent Partner’

At Applova we always put our customers first. For us, success means our partners’ success and so we will do whatever we can to help the restaurants who work with us grow. We play the role of a silent partner, empowering smaller Food and Beverage outlets to take on the bigger players. In the metaphoric battle between David and Goliath, we are firmly on the side of David.

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Our restaurant ordering app is designed to create lasting connection!

Customers are spoilt for choice and they can decide where they want to spend their money. With our restaurant ordering app, you can have customers loosen their purse strings for you, not just once, but regularly and consistently. Through the app, you can stay in touch with your customers. Customers that feel connected will stay loyal and bring new businesses through repeat orders and recommendations to family and friends. If you use your restaurant ordering app to build a rapport with your customers, your business will always be on top of your customer’s mind and hence, you are bound to see your restaurant thrive.

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