We’ve integrated with Clover POS, a leading smart point-of-sales solution provider, to view and manage all orders made through Applova on Clover Orders App. Clover POS modernizes and streamlines front-of-house in any restaurant.


We have integrated with RPOWER POS so restaurants can view and transact orders made through Applova's ordering solutions. The integration is built to encompass, grow, and retain restaurants new customers.

PAX Technologies

We’ve integrated with a leading provider of secure, stylish and intuitive POS payment terminal solutions to view and manage orders made through Applova, thereby increase restaurant sales, and improve ordering experience.


We’ve integrated with GoDaddy, a leading smart terminal provider, to view and manage all orders made through Applova on GoDaddy. GoDaddy helps restaurants get up and running, hassle-free.


We’ve integrated with Verifone, a leading smart point-of-sales solution provider to enable a frictionless and effective guest experience at your restaurant.


We’ve integrated with AEVI, a smart POS provider. All orders placed through Applova can be managed on AEVI. AEVI is an innovative way to simplify daily operations management and improve customer interaction and loyalty.


Applova ties up with Paysafe’s Payment Gateway, Expinet®, a flexible and powerful gateway that brings in lots of new opportunities around payments. Together we help you retain and acquire new customers and drive more sales.

North American Bancard

We’ve partnered North American Bancard, a payments technology leader, to provide the most sophisticated kiosk & mobile solutions with the most seamless and secure payment processor.


We’ve partnered with world’s leading payment provider. Together we work to powering the most successful merchants.


Works to delivering powerful payments solutions via Applova’s solutions. Together, we help businesses expand and grow.


With NMI, it makes it easy to process payments seamlessly on Applova’s solutions, anywhere all from one payment gateway platform.


Together with Elo’s sleek touch screens, we provide a flexible and powerful self-ordering kiosk solution for all restaurants and retail Businesses.

PAX Technologies

Together, we bring innovative, affordable, and easy-to-deploy kiosks for businesses in the QSR industry to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.


Applova turns Clover devices into an interactive customer facing kiosk allowing walk-in customers take control over their restaurant experience.


We work together so, orders placed through Applova solutions can be set to fire straight to the kitchen, saving more time.


Applova’s shopping add-on lets businesses to quickly and easily create a mobile application based on the Neto website.

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