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Applova's Integration with Verifone Carbon

Applova Integrates with Verifone Carbon to Provide Sleek Mobile Order-Ahead App for their Merchants

Integrating Applova with Verifone Carbon, your merchants would benefit having a native and a dynamic custom branded order-ahead application, allowing all orders to be seen and managed on the Verifone Carbon device.

Here’s why you should sell Applova with Carbon

Top 4 Benefits of Applova

  • A complete & unique solution

    A Complete & Unique Solution

    Applova’s ob Verifone Carbon makes you competitive

  • Recurring Revenue + Applova Activation Commission

    Recurring Revenue + Applova Activation Commission

    The more you sell, the more you earn $$$

  • Easy Upsell Opportunity to Existing Customers

    Easy Upsell Opportunity to Existing Customers

    Super easy process to onboard Verifone Merchants and would deepen merchant relationship

  • Acquire more Merchants

    Acquire more Merchants

    Can reach more merchants by selling a complete solution and would increase your portfolio valuation with solutions selling

Verifone’s Merchant Benefits

Top 5 Reasons why Your Merchants would Love Applova

  • Custom Branded App:

    Your merchants get a custom branded, rich featured, expressive and dynamic app in a few days.

  • Additional Sales Channel:

    Mobile Apps would be an additional omnipresent sales channel.

  • Personalized Promotional Campaigns:

    To notify your merchant’s customers on promotions and discounts via push notifications.

  • Easy Integration:

    Seamless integration with merchant’s payment processors.

  • Seamless Synchronization:

    Real time updates on the mobile store when merchant’s catalogs and orders are updated on the Verifone device.

Verifone Device

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