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Applova Solutions Seamlessly Integrates with Micros POS

Providing a Frictionless Experience to Restaurateurs and Customers!

Applova integrates with Omnivore’s universal API. This integration supports Applova’s Kiosk, Web- & Mobile ordering technology across all of Omnivore’s supported Point of Sale (POS) systems, including Micros POS, with real-time access and the ability to read and transact submitted orders and more.

Benefits of Applova Self-ordering Kiosk to your Restaurant

  • Increases average ticket size by 20% - 30%
  • Orders sync real-time on Micros POS
  • Processes more orders faster in lesser time
  • Easy self-checkout option through kiosk
  • Reduces counter staff

Find out your Return on Investment with a new Kiosk


Benefits of Applova Mobile Order-Ahead to your Restaurant

  • New sales channel with a chance of 20% sales increase
  • Custom branded mobile app
  • Orders sync real-time on Micros POS
  • Run targeted and personalized marketing campaigns
  • Scales with restaurant’s business

Benefits of Applova Web-ordering to your Restaurant

  • Converts your restaurant to an online business
  • Custom branded and responsive design
  • Orders sync real-time on Micros POS
  • Customers benefit of ordering for later with scheduled fulfilment

Applova Empowers Restaurants with Powerful Restaurant Solutions!

If you are a Micros POS restaurateur, sign up with Applova to benefit the opportunity of becoming a successful restaurant today!