With Applova’s sleek, dynamic and custom-branded mobile order-ahead app, businesses can easily be viewed and managed on Micros POS.



New sales channel

Applova solutions open a new sales channel allowing businesses to serve a new market.

Streamlines operations and modernizes front-of-house

Stress-free and reduces the need for more staff involvement. Staff can spend time adding value to other parts of improving the business.

Orders syncs with Micros POS

Businesses can provide a much more efficient service with realtime syncing on Micros POS. Real-time syncing reduces delays and customer’s wait times.

Own your customer data

You have the chance to study your customers' buying patterns to improve your ways of selling.

Increases average check-size

The large imageries used for each menu item on the device are visually enticing for customers so when guests order through digital devices, guests are likely to add additional ingredients to their orders Eg: onions, sour cream. This results in larger order sizes.

Easy self-checkout options

Customers have the option to order and pay by debit/credit card.

End-to-end solution

Integrates to your Kitchen Display System and Public Announcement System.

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