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Applova's Integration with Clover

Applova Integrates with Clover to Provide Order Ahead Apps and Mobile Stores for their Merchants

Integrating Applova with Clover, your merchants would benefit having a native and a dynamic custom branded order-ahead application or Mobile Store, allowing orders to be seen and managed on the Clover device. Moreover, the app seamlessly integrates to view products, catalogs and orders real time.

Clover’s Reseller Benefits

Top 5 benefits you would benefit with Applova

  • Upsell opportunity

    Easy Upsell Opportunity to Existing Customers

    Easy process of onboarding merchants

  • Recurring revenue

    Recurring Revenue+ Applova Activation Commission

    Your effort will be worthwhile

  • Few easy steps to activate Applova

    Few Easy Steps to Activate Applova

    Applova will be ready in a matter of minutes not days!

  • Compatible with other applications

    Compatible with other Applications

    Can be bundled to the set of applications you sell

  • A complete & unique solution

    A Complete & Unique Solution

    Makes your solution a standalone and competitive solution

Clover Business Manager Dashboard

Clover’s Merchant Benefits

Top 5 Reasons why Your Merchants would Love Applova

  • Custom Branded App:

    Your merchants get a custom branded, rich featured, expressive and dynamic app in a few days.

  • Additional Sales Channel:

    Mobile Apps would be an additional omnipresent sales channel.

  • Personalized Promotional Campaigns:

    To notify your merchant’s customers on promotions and discounts via push notifications.

  • Easy Integration:

    Seamless integration with merchant’s payment processors.

  • Seamless Synchronization:

    Real time updates on the order ahead application or mobile store when merchant’s catalogs and orders are updated on the Clover device.

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