Simplify Your Restaurant’s Guest Experience by Running Our Convenient & Contactless Self-Ordering Kiosk Solution on your Clover Device

Our flexible and powerful Self-ordering kiosk lets your walk-in guests have control over their restaurant experience. A choice to order whatever they want via Applova’s Self-Ordering Kiosk. Applova’s Kiosk allows your guests to place orders in few taps, customize their selections and send it directly to the kitchen.

Why Restaurants Choose us?

Increase Profits

Efficient Space Utilization

Specially at restaurant with high foot traffic, Kiosks can be placed to take orders

Increase Profits

Streamlines Operations

Streamline your front of house operations with self-service kiosks

Increase Profits

Processes Online Payments

Kiosks process seamless card transactions

Increase Profits

Increase Ticket Sizes

Prompts add-ons and upsells to guest order to increase ticket size

Increase Profits

Save on Labor Costs

Does not require additional staff. Free up staff to handle other duties

Increase Profits

Improves Efficiency

Reduce wait times, improve staff productivity

Did You Know, A Self-Ordering Kiosk is Small Investment with High Returns?

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Turn your Clover Device into a Self-ordering Kiosk