Marketing Without Data Is Like Driving With Your Eyes Closed!

Data is knowledge, and knowledge is power.

Any restaurant’s success depends on things like great food, location, menu, service, ambience, originality and hard work just to name a few. Success doesn’t come easy, and it sure isn’t static. To be successful, one must always be in a state of adaptation. We can’t rest on our laurels, we must always look for new ways to ensure we differentiate ourselves from the others in the industry.

The advent of technology continues to shape all industries. Most businesses now leverage social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to augment customer engagement. Mobile storefronts are common places as hand-held digital devices explode in popularity.

Mobile apps are increasingly integrated into our lives whether checking the weather, depositing a check, booking a plane ticket, the options seem endless.

With all this new technology comes “data” – lots of it! Data is now one of the most sought-after assets for a business, but data alone is not enough. The real value comes in analyzing the data to uncover new business “insights”.

Imagine if you had a tool that would continually feed your business with valuable insights about customer preferences and purchase patterns. Insights that could help you better optimize your menu selections, staffing, promotions, rewards, and business planning?

Well, you can with Applova.

Insights to Actions

With the Applova Mobile Order-Ahead App, you would get the following insights. This convenient, powerful mobile ordering app will capture data on all customer engagements, and provide you with an easy method for analysis.

  • Purchasing dynamics – trends & volume
  • Who is purchasing – customer demographics
  • What’s selling, what’s not selling?
  • What items are purchased together?
  • Engagement insights – i.e. best promotions.

Imagine sending push-notifications to your customers right before mealtime with promotions and special offers. Entice them when they are hungry and thinking about the next work lunch, or on the way home after a long, busy day. With the Applova Mobile Order-Ahead App, you have the power to engage with your customers like never before and satisfy their dining preferences. Happy customers are repeat customers. Repeat customers are loyal customers. Loyal customers become advocates for your business!

Your restaurant has been successful for many reasons. Now, add the power of data to your business and leverage customer insights to grow your business even more.