How Applova & Clover Kiosk Can Skyrocket Your Restaurant Revenue?

In the hyper- competitive landscape of the restaurant industry, using new digital tools is the top strategy to become a successful restaurant with significant increase in their revenue.

Famous fast food companies like McDonald’s saw this early on. In 2015, McDonald’s decided to set up self-service kiosks in all their US stores, seeing the chance for these kiosks to skyrocket their profits.

To make the most of this self-service kiosk technology, Applova teamed up with Clover to introduce a new Clover kiosk, filled with features made to make operations smoother, improve the customer’s experience, and most importantly to skyrocket your restaurant revenue

Efficient Space Utilization with Clover Kiosk

For high-foot-traffic restaurants, efficient space utilization is crucial. The Clover Kiosk feature addresses this need by integrating compact, self-service kiosks that can be easily installed in your venue.

Furthermore these kiosks not only optimize the use of space but also add a modern touch to your establishment, which can be an attraction for the tech-savvy customers.

Streamlining Operations for Maximum Efficiency


One of the key selling points of Clover kiosk is its ability to streamline front-of-house operations. By implementing Clover self-service kiosks, restaurants can facilitate smoother order processing, cutting down queues and allowing staff to focus more on providing excellent service.

This in turn enhances the overall dining experience, fostering customer loyalty and repeat visits.

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Simplifying Online Payments

In an increasingly cashless society, the need for seamless card and online transactions is more important than ever. Clover Kiosks offer easy processing of online payments, facilitating convenient, secure transactions for your customers.

In addition to speeding up the payment process it also minimizes errors that can occur with cash handling.

Skyrocket Revenue Through Increased Ticket Sizes


The Clover self ordering kiosk has an innovative feature to prompt add-ons and upsells to guest orders, which effectively increases the average ticket size. By suggesting personalized, complementary items to customers, clover kiosks can encourage customers to spend higher per visit, leading to a notable increase in your restaurant’s revenue.

Labor Cost Savings

Labor cost is one of the most significant expenses in the restaurant industry. Applova helps address this by negating the need for additional staff at the ordering counter.

Restaurant owners can now use the Clover self-service kiosks to free up staff and assign them to handle other duties, leading to better resource allocation and significant savings on labor costs.

Improving Efficiency for Better Returns


Even though a Clover kiosk is an expensive investment, the restaurant owners would be able to achieve a faster return on investment (ROI) due to its ability to enhance efficient customer service. This, in turn, would encourage larger ticket sizes and repeat purchases, ultimately leading to higher revenue.

In conclusion

With its multitude of benefits, the combination of Applova and Clover can dramatically enhance your restaurant’s operations and significantly increase your revenue. The integration of these digital solutions not only paves the way for streamlined, efficient operations but also creates a modern, tech-savvy image for your restaurant, attracting a broader range of customers.


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