Self-Ordering Kiosks Help Combat The Labor Shortages In The Restaurant Industry
Self-Ordering Kiosks Help Combat The Labor Shortages In The Restaurant Industry

Self-Ordering Kiosks Help Combat The Labor Shortages In The Restaurant Industry

A well-trained staff is an asset for a restaurant as inefficient labor can easily disrupt the operational flow. That is mainly because the core of a restaurant is great service and even better food. Today, employers just can’t seem to find workers to meet the rising demand for restaurant services. Meanwhile, millions of people remain unemployed or out of the labor market (which means they aren’t actively looking for work). As of April, America was still down 8.2 million jobs compared to February 2020

The labor shortage was exacerbated by social distancing regulations. In order to comply with these, restaurant owners had to reduce the number of staff per shift and called in fewer employees to report to work. However, with the government relaxing these regulations and dine-ins now being allowed the demand is increasing. As a result of the labor shortage, restaurateurs are unable to keep up with the ever-revolving door of customers. Therefore, the restaurant owner’s main priority is finding a way to meet the demand and make the business stable.

A Self-ordering kiosk is the best solution available to restaurateurs in order to deal with the labor shortage. Kiosks help restaurant owners fight the labor shortage and drive more revenue by ensuring a smoother customer service experience.

A kiosk’s greatest feature is its simplicity when being used. Even new customers can navigate through the process with ease. Customers can place their orders themselves without waiting for an employee to take their orders.

YES! It is a stress–free solution for restaurant owners who will not have to worry about any insufficient front-of-house staff when running their business.

The Applova self–ordering kiosk accepts payment by credit card and these kiosks work 24/7 whenever needed, whether that be during slow hours or peak hours, kiosks cover the entire gamut of the business’s front-of-house responsibilities.

Self-Ordering Kiosks Help Combat The Labor Shortages In The Restaurant Industry

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Apart from being an efficient and viable solution to the labor shortage problem, the Applova self–ordering kiosk comes with some crucial benefits:

1. Menu customizations:

Restaurateurs can add visually appealing food photos and edit the menu whenever required. All changes made on the backend will apply across all kiosks in the restaurant.

2. Menu prompts:

The Applova self–ordering kiosk application allows restaurateurs to add upsell prompts and menu modifiers to help boost the average ticket size.

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3. Loyalty & engagement programs:

They provide loyalty programs that drive repeat orders, while also allowing restaurants to save customer information and study customer buying patterns to improve ways of selling.

4. Smart recommendations:

Provides menu recommendations based on customers’ historical purchasing patterns, time of day and day of the week.

5. Increased average ticket size:

The images used for each menu item on the device are visually enticing for customers. Therefore, when guests order through digital devices, they are likely to add additional ingredients to their orders. This results in customers spending more on their orders.