Achieving Success through a Values-driven Culture

Culture. At a very literal level the term refers to a shared set of beliefs and values which are transmitted and reinforced by members of a group. While the culture at Applova is no exception – every single member of the Applova team espouses a set of common ideals that we uphold and aspire to – it goes well beyond that. The Applova culture characterizes who we are and how we operate. It is our culture that defines us as a brand, an organization and a team.

Based on a strong sense of empathy and mindfulness, the Applova culture springs from our five core values: customer-centric, team players, passionately innovative, trustworthy, and accountable – becoming a manifestation of these. It is a self-perpetuating ethos because everything we do and how we act are guided and directed by these principles.

At Applova we always put our customers first. For us, success means our partners’ success and so we will do whatever we can to help the restaurants who work with us grow. We play the role of a silent partner, empowering smaller Food and Beverage outlets to take on the bigger players. In the metaphoric battle between David and Goliath, we are firmly on the side of David.

In order to ensure that our partners keep thriving, we pull together as a team. Every single person has a role to play and everyone’s contribution is valued. With a clear understanding that unity is strength, we overcome our differences through humility and compassion. We see our clients as fellow team members and work collaboratively with them, propelling their progress.

We are extremely passionate about what we do, taking pride in maintaining very high standards. We enjoy a good challenge, revelling in finding new and innovative ways to overcome these. There is never a dull moment in our work because we strive to keep learning, applying this newly acquired knowledge where suitable. Our adaptability and openness to change gives us the rare ability to thrive in any context.

Because we consider our clients our partners we are as open and as honest as we can be with them. Our trustworthiness stems from our integrity – we are guided by very strong morals and firmly believe in always doing the right thing. Confidentiality is guaranteed and we pledge that all sensitive information is safe with us.

As a group of professionals, we are accountable for our actions and decisions and we take responsibility for ourselves and our entire team. Ever conscious of our conduct, we try our very best to exemplify this accountability in our behaviour. We cultivate our clients’ confidence by delivering on our promises.

The Applova culture is a strong enabling force for the entire team. It creates a sense of unity with our customers, fosters a positive work environment, attracts and retains the best people, and, most of all, keeps our customers happy.

We are introduced to the values of the Applova culture on our very first day and we imbibe these in our work ethic. Rather than being a set of ideals to strive towards, these values are our way of life and everyday every member of the Applova team lives them out. This is what makes us the high-performing and outstanding group that we are.