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Do you know how your customers should be accommodated?

We at Applova think that you should always be accommodating to your variety of customer that enters your restaurant on a daily basis.

Tourists are a great option to gain international exposure for the restaurant!

This is the reason we now have listed out a couple of easy steps any restaurant can follow in order to be tourist friendly.

Here’s just how to provide them with a warm welcome and keep them finding its way back to get more!

Self Service Kiosks

One of the primary barriers tourists face would be the language barrier. Self service kiosks are a way to bridge this communication gap.

Applova self kiosks make ordering easy and simple to enter, making it easy for tourists to initiate their orders easily if they visit a restaurant!

Install Universal Electric Sockets

Tourists tend to travel a lot all the time than staying indoors. When looking for a spot to have a meal they have a tendency to prioritise charging their electronics whilst eating.

It’s great to supply phone charging stations inside your restaurant to be sure customers get access to recharge their phones/electronics whilst they recharge themselves on the restaurant food!

Have Menus Displayed Outside the Restaurant

Tourists have a tendency to skim pass restaurants whilst assessing them from outside on whether or not to ever eat there. Create your restaurant stick out by simply making it easier for the customers to test the menu out, before entering by displaying a menu on a stand outside.

People passing by should be enticed to check out the menu and try out your restaurant.

Offer Combo Deals at off Peak Hours

This is certainly a great option to have the customers flowing in, be sure to display the promotions regarding the window display at your restaurant.

This will likely not only attract customers/travelers who will be passing by but will also help turn local customers into loyal ones.

Print Out Free Area Maps along with your Restaurant Locations Pinned (leaflets)

The map and contact information added into the back are going to be useful to make certain that when they travel, they might make use of the map as a reference. And they'll always look at restaurant logo and don't forget the area. That publicity is good for your restaurant!

Be sure to include social media marketing tags and numbers as well on these maps that are leaflets to make them remembered.

Offer Filtered Regular Water free of charge

Tourists have a tendency to be budget friendly along with environmentally friendly if they travel. Offering free filtered plain tap water utilizing the choice to purchase bottled water as well. This can really make a lasting appeal to these travelers.

Have an indication Board up in the Restaurant

Let your customers give their opinion on which to complete when they look at the city, for any other tourists to later check out. Have a few post-it note pads and pens that are readily available for customers to jot down suggestions on how to proceed in the region.

This may supply the chance for local talent and products to be provided with a recognition along with helping tourists navigate their way around a new city!

Originally published FEBRUARY 07, 2019, Updated August 26 2019

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