Can you imagine how far smartphones have come? Simply because they were first introduced by Steve Jobs in 2004?

Just within a couple of short years smartphones and smartphone applications have developed, the flow of data. Within the sectors of human interaction, business, entertainment, science and education.

In accordance with the predictions supplied by market intelligence firm IDC (International Data Corporation), cellular devices have now outnumbered laptops and desktops. And technology is evolving customer preference, business conditions, and market opportunities.

The implications are obvious. If you are not able to reach your audience through mobile, or maybe through digital applications you are not providing the expected experience that guests are looking for. This will make you lose out on your customers ultimately.

Why a Mobile First strategy is important for businesses?

With the recent growth in mobile technology, the percentage of consumers using cellular devices to browse products shows a dramatic increase. 80% of internet users own a smartphone, among many other digitally advanced options. And consumers still choose to make use of this device, the mobile phone to browse products and services.

Figure 1.0 (Source: Smart Insights)

Furthermore, among this 80% of consumers, 89% still would like to use “Mobile Apps” . This is to experience what they need, based on research carried out by Nielsen.

Figure 1.1 (Source: Nielsen)

While studying these stats it is really obvious, that businesses should have mobile apps to stay in front of the competition. It is not only for Social Media Marketing, Newspapers and Games anymore.

Enterprises also need to use the help of mobile apps seriously. It is necessary that business owners discover how to strategically communicate with digital users.

Mobile storefronts and their importance

In this digital era, people are highly tech savvy and they are using mobile devices for everything, ordering food, or goods. A mobile app is the easiest method to make it possible for this ever changing behavior.

Focusing on this idea, many business entities have moved to the mobile app market to widen their customer reach. And also to provide an even more convenient and immediate customer experience.

Some businesses have already moved to mobile apps as the early adopters of restaurant apps, café apps and other eCommerce platforms. An app could be expensive to create, and a small restaurant may not have the time or required finances to generate one.

Nevertheless the owner could find it worth the investment. Just having a presence on your consumer’s phone is a big win when it comes to business. Since your customer has a miniature of your store in his or her pocket.

What should be the key points of interest of one's mobile store app?

The key to making an app successful is convenience, engagement potential and long time customer value.

For example:

  • Engaging a person by promoting a brand name on your own level. Such as for instance delivering restaurant, or content special for restaurants (A menu, food products and options offered)
  • Offering unique value such as integrating loyalty reward programs
  • Encouraging word of mouth by allowing users to share their views on social networking
  • POS integration allows customers to order and pay before going into the restaurant
  • Push messages allows a small business to update customers by having their own message programmed to appear on their screen. This will make it an easy task to drive engagement and activity on demand

The continuing future of mobile app and much more storefront development looks positive. Increasingly businesses are certain to get on board with business mobility, centering on a far better customer experience with coming years.

With regards to technology, often there was a clear gap between what customers want and what smaller businesses offer. As smartphones continue their development in demand, they will be a necessity than an extravagance for business people.

In no time a web page won’t be sufficient. Businesses will need to support mobile users to keep relevant.

Therefore it's time to Join with Applova and get your own personalized Mobile App Today.

Originally published APRIL 29, 2016, Updated August 26 2019

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