Applova’s Mobile Order-Ahead Apps are something all your valuable customers will likely find convenient to use. Be it a restaurant, food truck, QSR, mom-pop-retailer or SMB, everybody wants everything to be at their fingertips. We come across convenience as a driver that is big for order-ahead.

Consumers love the truth that ordering ahead saves time, busts long lines. And food may be ready and paid upon arrival to the restaurant. That's the key reason for customers to check it out. Especially during busy times or at stores with long lines.

Now, while businesses have their customers in, they need to have them addicted to the brand by up-selling. Applova’s Mobile Order-Ahead apps are 100% optimized for up-selling, this means, it’s letting you drive more sales!

Starting with simple Push Notifications

Applova’s Order-Ahead app lets you send unlimited push notifications. You can start sending personalized push notifications to customers, introducing your latest item or providing your customer with an enticing offer or discount.

If the customer loved your item, it may be the most obvious reason for a returning customer. You can even keep running campaigns that are targeted on multiple customer’s segment. Seasonal offers, exhibitions and anything with your restaurant’s presence could be the best opportunities to invite customers and create more brand awareness.

Applova’s Digital Stamp Card feature is worth way more than you think!

By engaging in exciting activities such as earning stamps, rewards and loyalty points, your customers will sure be more than excited. You can drive more sales by tempting customers to order more and win specials after collecting points/stamps of a certain amount.

Eg: Buy 5 burger meals and win one of our newest Belgium chocolate waffle for FREE.

It’s important to have a simple background that limits the noise to emphasize the dish. A simple background doesn’t mean that this has to be completely plain, nonetheless, it should complement the topic as opposed to suppressing it.

Now who wouldn’t love that? If your customers love the taste of your newest Belgium chocolate waffle, they are going to keep trying it out again or maybe even try the rest of your menu items!

Enabling/Disabling products as and when required

Applova Mobile Order-Ahead lets you highlight selected products for the week. Then, you can switch to a new pair of products which can be highlighted through few weeks as and when you need.

This allows the regular customers to see something new every week which then will tempt them to keep ordering from you, increasing customer loyalty. This would also let them have the idea that the business goes that extra mile to keep them happy. So, happy customers means more sales!

Applova’s Order-Ahead Mobile App is Programmed to Prompt for Additions to Increase Check-size

Whenever your customers are ordering a burger meal, your app can prompt them to purchase add-ons. Combo deals can also be prompted on the least busy days to ensure people buy more items.

A person is more likely to click on the add-on as it is prompted the moment a user clicks on an item.

Examples of add-ons would be namely, extra olives, extra cheese, extra onions etc.

This could easily double the check-size of each customer as opposed to in-store orders made in front of a cashier with many people standing in queue behind customers, forcing them to speed up their ordering.

While giants like Taco Bell sees 30% higher average order values on mobile compared to in-store, Starbucks’ Mobile Order-ahead already represents 10% of total transactions at high-volume stores. This directly contributes to increase company sales (Source: Business Insider),

Applova gives any business the opportunity to have and reap the benefits of a Mobile Order-ahead app.

So you know what to do!

Get your restaurant a mobile order-ahead app if you are looking forward to making more sales this yeafr!

Published on January 09, 2020

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