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“The app boat has already left the harbor. It’s not that you can’t wait for the next one. But if you are doing, can it be likely to delay your online business to the point where you can’t meet the competition once you really should?” (Cristo, 2015)

Do you know that behind each smartphone screen you have got the usage of millions prospective customers? Because an ever-increasing percentage of shoppers use mobile apps to make purchases due to their flexibility and portability.

Although building a mobile store continues to be considered a complex process which needs a lot of time, money and other resources. With the Applova app wizard means companies no longer need to certainly battle to find a developer who can begin to build them an app from scratch.

With Applova, you will be just a couple of steps away from getting a mobile store with most popular in features. Such as for example social sharing, easy pay, push notifications, quick access to details about merchandise. Also pre-ordering, payments, and much more! (to find out more please visit https://applova.io/)

Applova has simplified the whole process for developing mobile apps; it permits business people to generate a completely functioning app with custom app wizards. This suits a variety of businesses, including cafes, restaurants, bakeries, bubble tea shops and many more.

In our previous blog we discussed having a mobile store for your business which facilitates active engagement over social media marketing platforms, while delivering a huge variety of benefits in this mobile first era among your Social Media savvy customers.

Still, owning a mobile store which can be integrated along with your social media platforms is certainly not enough, additionally you need to find out how you can optimize the application of social media marketing platforms in support of your business.

The tips below will help you establish an important and an effective presence on social media marketing.

Be there on multiple social media marketing platforms

Your customers are scattered across multiple social networking channels and also you can't say for sure which social media network they truly are on!

Having a Facebook page is certainly not enough anymore. You will need to connect to customers in new ways.

Applova eCommerce app enables you to engage with customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to name a couple of, which you need. Because each platform enables you to build relationships with your prospects in a unique and personalized way.

Be valuable and consistent

Whatever you post regarding the social networking channels should be valued by your audience and interesting enough to grab their attention. The content ought to be relevant to the business enterprise that you are in and messaging should also be consistent across all the channels.

Aided by the Applova omni-channel platform, you may want to ensure you get your own customers to do it for you as it allows them to share your mobile store products on almost any social media marketing platform instantly. Customer reviews and referrals are among the most effective marketing tools that businesses have.

Timing is everything!

Your posts must certainly be shared at the best instances when your potential audience is most active on social media marketing.

Data analytics firm SumAll stated the optimum times (EST) to publish on various platforms as:

9 a.m. – 11 a.m.for Google Plus

1 p.m. – 3 p.m. for Twitter

1 p.m. – 4 p.m. for Facebook

5 p.m. – 6 p.m. for Instagram

Include strong Call to Actions (CTAs)

The ultimate objective of devoting your resources on social media marketing is to optimize your conversion rate. For you ought to have compelling Call to Actions in your posts that will motivate your audience to adhere to.

The Call to Action should always inform your audience just what you would like them to accomplish. For instance “visit the website”, “call now”, “order now”, “download the mobile app” aided by the relevant URL or click button that may guide them to do this.

Promote customer engagement together with your brand

Positive word of mouth of satisfied customers is the best sales agent of a small business. And there’s hardly any other platform like social media marketing to spread this word.

Incentivize your customers to post reviews about your products on social media and make sure you deliver in the promise from your end as well.

Should you ever run into negative comments, cope with it by accepting your mistakes, apologizing with respect to the business, and providing a sudden answer to the consumer.

Since you are now aware, social media marketing may be greatly good for just about any business. Now you can utilize your Applova mobile app as a powerful and effective tool to create a large impact on your target audience - using its in-built social sharing features that enable social networking reviews easily entered by the customers.

No matter what your business is, there is an easy, user-friendly mobile app made for you. Create a mobile app to improve your company and employ your very own branding elements with Applova!

Originally published AUGUST 26, 2016, Updated August 26 2019

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