Technology is designed to make our lives much simpler. Mobile apps, artificial intelligence, smart tech, self-ordering are the buzzwords of today’s world. These buzzwords have a significant impact on restaurants. Thousand of restaurants are already using technology for their day-to-day operations- from smart POS, emails, entertainment, Wi-fi. Reason for offering technology is mainly to speed up restaurant’s processes and improve customer experience- to help restaurants to achieve their overall goal.

Some of these newest technologies like the food ordering applications have hit some of the restaurants and helped them thrive in providing a better overall customer experience.

Custom Branded Mobile Apps

According to a study by Deloitte, 40% of customers prefer to order online, while McKinsey expects this number to eventually reach up to 65% in the following years.

  • Saves the 30%- 40% of the commissions paid to aggregator apps like Uber eats, door dash. These aggregator apps eat a large chunk of restaurant’s already-thinning margins. Which therefore means these aggregator apps are ripping off from the loyal customers too. A research by Hospitality Tech, 2018 said that 70% of consumers prefer to order directly from restaurants not third party services. Aggregator apps may seem nice but not a profitable channel in the long run. Therefore, it is important that restaurants become independent online
  • A mobile app helps restaurants to establish a speedy and convenient customer experience, which means reduced wait-time and increase in sales. Food ordering applications like mobile ordering is one of the most valuable feature, but unfortunately this is less utilized by restaurants. Allowing customers to choose their meals in advance eliminates lines, establishes better customer experience and also makes restaurant staff’s much efficient and productive.
  • Mobile apps expand the restaurant’s target audience. The millennials tend to use mobile apps more often for online ordering and making reservations. Catching up with these trends will not only make restaurant’s services better for existing customer base but also for younger people looking for good restaurant mobile services. Moreover, even the remote customers can start ordering from the restaurant app.
  • This food ordering application helps restaurants retain users more effectively. Loyalty programs like digital punch cards can entice users to keep ordering from the restaurant more, until they keep winning freebies. Everybody loves freebies!
  • Keeping customers notified of anything and everything new. Restaurants can always keep their users notified of the latest deals using push notifications. These push notifications can be personalized for each customer, helping restaurants directly engage with their customers.
  • Online payments is the new big thing! Customers can easily place the orders anywhere at any time and have the payments done through the app. They do not have to worry about carrying cash around because debit/credit cards can always be accepted.
  • An elegant digital menu customers see. The imagery on the mobile app can be very neat and enticing. These imagery speak louder than words. They basically get to order what they see Images of delicacies can prompt desire of your customers and they will be more likely place more orders.
  • Customers don’t have to worry about signing in every time to place an order. This is a one-time sign in . In a few taps, orders can be placed, just as easy as ordering through eBay! Technology can solve many inevitable problems in streamlining the entire chain from getting the patty in the kitchen to the time it’s cooked and then served to the customer. The food sector appears to be a highly profitable industry due to its broad potential and due to the insanely growing demand for restaurants of different food themes in various states.

Originally published October 21, 2019

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