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Information is knowledge, and knowledge is power.

Your success is based on many things – great food, time and effort, location, menu, service, ambiance, originality - merely to name a few. Success does not come easy, and know it for sure it is not static either.

To be successful you have to continuously be in a state of adaptation. We can’t rest on our laurels, and must always be trying to find new ways on how to set us apart, to differentiate, also to raise the bar.

The advent of technology continuously shape all industries. Most businesses now leverage on social media marketing platforms. Such as for example Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to augment customer engagement.

Mobile storefronts are typically places as hand-held devices that are popular digitally. Mobile apps have increasingly incorporated into our lives. Whether checking the current weather, depositing a check, booking a plane ticket, the options seem endless.

With all this technology that is new there are plenty of “data” - available! Data is now the most important asset that sought-after businesses. But data alone is not enough.

The real value will come in after analyzing the data to locate new business “insights”.

Imagine in the event that you had a tool that will continually feed you with business insights? A tool that analyses valuable customer preferences and patterns?

Having insights that could help you to optimize your menu selections? Staffing, promotions, rewards, and business planning?

Well, with Applova you can do all these.

Insights to Actions

With Applova Mobile Order-Ahead App, all these insights would be in front of you.

This convenient, powerful mobile ordering app will capture data on all customer engagements. And it will provide you a better way for analysis.

  • Purchasing dynamics – trends & volume
  • Customer demographics of purchases
  • What’s selling, what’s not selling?
  • What items are ordered together?
  • Engagement insights – i.e. best promotions

Imagine sending push-notifications to your web visitors right before meal time? With promotions and special deals.

Entice them when they are hungry and thinking about the next work lunch, or on your way home after a long, busy day. Utilizing the Applova Mobile Order-Ahead App, there is that power to build relationships with your prospects. It's easier than ever before to satisfy their dining preferences.

Happy customers will become repeat customers. Repeat customers will then become loyal customers. Loyal customers become advocates for your brand!

You’ve been successful for a lot of reasons.

Now, add the power of data to your business and customers that will leverage to grow your business even more.

Drive new sales – engage, invent, and reward your prospects, and build brand loyalty with Applova’s Mobile Order-Ahead App.

Originally published June 25, 2019, Updated August 26 2019

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