You’re hungry, you have got that presentation that is important in mind. And you simply desire to grab a sandwich from your favorite local delis to get returning to work.

But once you get there, the line is up till the doorway, the guy taking orders is harried and stressed. And there’s a person complaining her order is wrong, and also the kitchen seems to be short staffed.

What do you do? It’s likely that you should go somewhere else, or if you opt to stay and wait in line, you’re out of sorts.

While having lost precious time at the time you will get the food. In any event, you’re a customer that is unhappy.

Now, imagine your restaurant that is your favorite has a self-order kiosk. There’s no relative line out the door. You walk up to the counter, peruse the intuitive, easy-to-navigate menu, and put your order.

A screen pops up, asking if you’d love to add almost anything to your order. It suggests options, a sandwich, a relative side or a drink.

You will not get the pressure of having to make a hasty decision with people waiting behind you. Or even the counter staff looking at you, you take some time studying the choices.

You decided you would, in fact, choose to add more cheese to your sandwich, alongside a cup of soup and a drink. You decide to also get a piece of cake to enjoy later in the afternoon when you see the dessert offerings in tantalizing technicolor on the screen.

Your order is totaled, and also you pay right then and there from the device.

A token is given to you with a QR code and check your phone for messages as you wait.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, your order appears from the POS station and is printed. They begin making your food, and extra people aren’t needed to man the counter throughout the lunch rush.

There’s lots of staff to exactly make your sandwich the way you need it.

Few minutes later, your meal is ready. Your order number will appear on the public announcement system. You just need to present your token at the counter, and pick up your order, that is perfectly correct.

You’re back to work and so presentation in no time, and even more importantly, you’re a happy customer who are going to be wanting to return.

The restaurant is happy too. You spent more than you have had ordered at a counter. (Remember the cake you just couldn’t pass up?)

The staff can focus on preparing food, and they can serve more customers, resulting in more sales than restaurant would have had.

It’s a win-win.

Originally published May 08, 2019, Updated August 26 2019

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