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Do you know how important sales are for the restaurant to break-even and ultimately make profits?

Here are a few tips that we have come up with, so that you could incorporate into your restaurant activities to increase sales!

1. Raise Your Social Media Presence

In this tech savvy age ensure your social networking game is on point. Have your Facebook and Instagram updated. As nowadays customers assess a restaurants credibility on images and reviews.

Doing an item range photo-shoot would help as well!

These images can help update menus and all social media marketing platforms. Another pro tip is making certain your restaurant appears on Google maps.

This can help increase customers option of you. You may use ‘Google my business’ to be able to establish your organization online 100% free.

2. Turn You Customers To Your Own Content Creators

Have small table tents along with your Instagram handles, inside your restaurant. This will help to advertise your page along with and inquire about you - or directly post any pictures they take of your food and restaurants.

You can easily offer them a 10% off their next bill if they post any images and tag it onto your page!

3. Install an Applova Self-order Kiosk

Statistics prove when individuals order by themselves, they tend to order more. Since they usually have the freedom and time and energy to choose whatever they want and choose many add-ons.

Average tickets sizes increase which will ultimately boost your restaurant sales.

4. Increase Customer Traffic with Happy Hours

Customers love good deals!

Offer happy hours in your restaurant for occasions when customer traffic is commonly low. This will help you to get more customers as well as generate a beneficial person to person relationship among them.

Eg: “Free margarita for females from 5-7 pm” will attract working girls who want to hook up catching up with their friends. And they'll tend to order add-ons and stay for very long, following the end of this promotion period.

5. Create Combo Meals

That is a terrific way to promote add-ons in your restaurant. Bundling items together makes it much simpler for customers to select.

This will make them select what they like to order as well as increase sales of your restaurant.

6. Make sure your Customers have a personal experience that they're going to remember forever

Small actions and gestures such as filtered water or a plate of mints during the checkout counter is important to your web visitors.

These small add-ons can change the perception associated with restaurant into the customers eye.

A powerful way to be customer oriented when you look at the restaurant industry, that is always to focus on every member in society.

7. Offer Online Ordering

The interest in dining experience is stagnating. This is as a result of the boosting need for online ordering and take-outs.

A powerful way to tap into this trend is to obtain online ordering for your restaurant. Better yet an Applova order-ahead app (with a thirty day free trial offer) which can make ordering for dine-in and take out easier when it comes to customers.

8. Start a Loyalty Program to advertise visitors to Buy More

Promoting visitors to buy more to be able to win something or gain points. This ies best to target at loyal customers who visit frequently.

It may also help to urge new clients in order to become loyal ones. In any event the restaurant will benefit with an increase of sales and an expansion within their customer base.

9. Have Records of Everything

Make sure there’s a strategy to order taking, as it will be handy to identify trends for which dishes move faster than others. In that way you can focus marketing activities to the items that generate better sales revenue!

Hope these guidelines will help you to improve your restaurant sales. Make certain you follow us on our Instagram page @applova_io to stay updated with our latest blog posts!

Originally published JANUARY 01, 2019, Updated August 26 2019

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