Curbside Pickup Services

What exactly is curb side pickup? Curb side pickup is a method your customers can pickup/collect their food while sitting in their car at a designated parking spot outside your restaurant. How it works is, your customers remotely place their order either via your mobile app if you have that option, or through online ordering via your website and chose the time which they wish to come and collect their order. They will drive to your curbside pickup spot outside and send you an alert that they have arrived after which one of your staff members will hand deliver their food to the car. The greatest benefits of this method are its convenience to the customer as well the social distancing, minimal human interaction the customer can enjoy amidst the current COVID – 19 outbreak worldwide.

Notice the keywords here, social distancing and minimal human interaction. With the worldwide number of cases already exceeding 900,000, governments are urging people to stay away from gatherings of people, stay indoors as much as possible and just overall avoid any meetings with people. This is perhaps the main aspect that curbside ordering addresses since it retains that level of minimal interaction between people. If you are able to implement curbside ordering into your restaurant operations, we are sure that your customers will love it and it will greatly help you retain your restaurant during a substantially difficult period of time.

A few tips you need to remember to efficiently integrate curbside ordering into your system are:

  • Formulate an efficient pickup plan

To best explain this point, we say that it means to have a very convenient, dedicated parking spot for your customers. The main idea behind this location is that it is very easy for customers to park in this spot and it is very easy for your staff to locate and hand deliver the food to your customers. This is one of the most important points since your customers are not going to be happy spending too much time looking for a general parking spot and it is going to slow down your operations if it takes time for your staff to locate the customers. Also, you need to train your staff to be as quick as possible and kindly place the food in the backseat of the car to reduce human interaction even further.

  • Enable online payments

If your customers have to drive up to their dedicated parking spot and have to pay cash, or give their card to your staff member who delivers the food to the customer, this is going to make things riskier for both your restaurant as well as the customer. Research has shown that bacteria in the virus can attach itself to surfaces such as money and credit cards. Of course, you staff and customers can use hand sanitizer to make sure they are averting this risk, however, if you are able to allow online payments on your system, this eliminates that risk of touch transmission entirely.

  • Use convenient packaging .

If you are able to spend a little extra to use higher quality packaging for your food to ensure a few key things such as: warm food staying warm for a long time and cold food staying cold for a long time as well as no spillage of food and drinks, your customers will definitely love this. It will not only help create a better experience for your customers, but it will also help with creating customer loyalty.

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