“Sales from Our Applova mobile app grow each and every day.

Customers love using the simple, convenient app because there’s no waiting during pizza ordering and preparation, so they have enough time to enjoy lunchtime with friends and business colleagues. Investing in Applova has been worth every penny. The monthly subscription is only the cost of three pizzas which is easily covered by the number of new orders we generate.”

Jim King

Founder of Rolling Stone Pizza Company

Turn to Applova’s Online Ordering Platform

As a small business lacking time, wherewithal and funds to develop their own app, Rolling Stone Pizza was frustrated and worried about how they could keep their business viable and thriving.

Rolling Stone Pizza company was able to rapidly create, deploy and manage their mobile app without any coding. Customers access the custom-branded app by downloading it to smartphones and tablets from the App Store or Google Play.

Leverage the social networks with patrons via referrals for new customer acquisition.

The app helps Rolling Stone Pizza’s customers browse menu items, place orders and prepay with credit cards. It also promotes new menu items, special events, personalized and targeted offers and more via push notifications.

Boost Your Business with Applova

Both regulars and new customers enjoy using the order-ahead app so that their pizza is hot and ready to eat as soon as they arrive, increasing satisfaction and loyalty. Rolling Stone Pizza has increased orders and revenue, while streamlining order-taking and payment processing workflows.

About Rolling Stone Pizza Company

Rolling Stone Pizza Company has two locations in Northern California. After almost a decade in business, they started losing business from regulars in nearby homes and offices to national chains with proprietary mobile ordering apps.

Download Rolling Stone Pizza App Powered by Applova

About Applova

Applova is a mobile store building platform that enables small and medium size businesses (SMBs) to rapidly create, deploy and manage a custom-branded mobile app without coding.

Applova Benefits

  • Opens New Sales Channel
  • Increase orders and sales
  • Enhances Shopping Experience
  • Reduces Labor
  • Shortens Transaction Processing
  • Enhances Customer Loyalty

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