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Applova Apps
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Applova brings all businesses to life with sleek mobile storefront apps to provide enhanced shopping convenience to customers and to be used powerful marketing tool. Applova gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers including remote customers, allowing them to order and pay through the app!

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Top Features all Our Merchants Enjoy!

Customizing Mobile App to Your Brand Just the Way You Want it!

In a few minutes, the mobile app platform lets you style up, customize your branding to generate a sleek Android and iOS mobile apps. We let you focus on the things you love while we handle the rest!

Moreover, the mobile app lets you access your customer data for further studying and understand customers which adds to the improvement of your business sales.

Applova Apps

Re-engage with Customers through Push Notifications

You can run targeted and personalized marketing campaigns to your loyal customers which helps you improve customer retention, boost sales and increase brand loyalty. Furthermore, with push notifications, it allows you to re-engage with inactive users, help you create the deep, personalized relationships that delight users. Through Push notifications, you can announce your latest product launches, send weekly reminders or updates, etc. You’ll be surprised to see how powerful this tool could be!

Push Notifications

Reward your Customers with Promo Codes or Digital Punch Cards

Promo Codes

Promo codes are designed to drive the maximum benefit to your business. You can run tempting promotions or provide discounts to your loyal customers to repeatedly purchase or to try out your products. Promo codes can be given to customers during special seasons, to reward a special customer, to get customers to try out your newest products, etc! Everyone loves discounts!

Digital Punch Cards

This is an effective loyalty program to convert your new customers to loyal customers. Since you already have customers, you can intrigue them to repeatedly purchase to win free items. Customers will no more have to worry about losing or forgetting the punch cards anymore!

Digital Stamp Card

Enable the Most Secure and Seamless In-app Payments

You can provide your customers the convenience of letting them pay through the mobile app. To allow that, Applova supports some of the world’s best payment processors to give you a chance to choose from the best for your business.

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In-app Payments

So in just a few minutes, you’ll have a powerful and intuitive mobile app!

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