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“45% of all shopping is influenced by mobile, with that number jumping closer to 60% for Millennials"

- Facebook IQ

Your Delicious Pizza Menu, on Your Own Custom-Branded App

No matter how you slice it, millennials will always be the most pizza-obsessed generation! And almost everyone, just like you and I, wants their orders to be ready instantly, rather than standing in endless lines.

With Applova, you can serve your delicious pizza menu, on your own beautifully-designed, custom-branded app and let your customers pre-order their favorite pizza or even get it delivered right to their doorstep whilst still feeling like they are right at the shop.

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Here's What Our Customers Say...

Jim King

Founder of Rolling Stone Pizza Company

Applova’s mobile application keeps bringing more and more customers each day, since they love this simple and convenient application. Our customers no longer have to wait in line during their office lunch hours for their pizza to be prepared because pre-ordering pizza gives them enough time to enjoy the pizza with their friends. Investing on Applova has been worth to the last dime. The monthly subscription fee is only the cost of 3 of our pizzas, which is now easily covered as we get extra orders...

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Here’s more on Why Your Pizzeria Needs a Mobile Application!

  • The convenient browsing and submission of orders.
  • A brand new promotional channel via push notifications.
  • Very personalized and connected to your customer at all times!
  • Builds your pizzeria’s brand and recognition.
  • You can now stay in competition with the giant pizza chains.
  • Increases the number of repeat orders.

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