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Applova & NAB are Set to help Businesses Drive More Sales

Applova has partnered with North American Bancard, a payments technology leader, to provide the most sophisticated kiosk & mobile solutions with the most seamless and secure payment processor.

Applova helps Merchants Double-up Sales with Self-ordering Kiosks!

Applova’s efficient and stylish self-service kiosk is a high impact and money saver for all businesses of all sizes.


Why Applova Kiosks?

  • Easy to install and upgrade.
  • Instant menu/catalog update, no extra work.
  • Reliable and stable platform.
  • Processing orders faster= more profits.
  • Increases number of transactions and increases average ticket size.
  • Accepts payment via Kiosk with secure NAB transaction processing.
  • Orders are accurate, eliminating errors.
  • Simple language & clear illustrations.
  • Increases average check-size.

Features Include

  • Simple and easy navigation on kiosk
  • Automatically prompts for add-ons
  • Self-Payment, accepting credit/debit payments via kiosk
  • Provides a token no. to provide at the counter to pick the order
  • Orders placed on Kiosk appears on main device

Applova Mobile Order-ahead apps Increases Merchant’s Customer Loyalty

Applova’s Mobile Order-Ahead app is an opportunity for merchants to continuously engage with all customers and drive more sales & loyalty.

Why Applova Mobile Apps?

  • Custom branded mobile order-ahead app, with own logo and color schemes.
  • Accepts payment via Kiosk with secure NAB transaction processing.
  • Increases number of transactions.
  • Run powerful, targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Opens a new sales channel, allowing businesses to increase sales by 30%.
  • Merchants own their customer data for further studying of customer behavior.
  • Converts new customers to regulars.

Features Include

  • iOS and Android native apps
  • Shopping cart
  • Online payment and Pay-on-pickup
  • In-store Android tablet application to manage orders
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Use of unique promo codes for special discounts or seasons
  • Omni - channel loyalty program
  • Customers' profile and order history

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