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Add your logo and match the tone and theme of your restaurant's brand. Simply edit your menu design at anytime. There's always room for more, so organize all your products into meaningful categories with ease.


Instant updates

Edit your Free Digital Menu at anytime. Our dynamic QR Code allows for real-time price changes, menu item availability or substitutions. So your customers will always have access to an accurate and current digital menu.


View from any device

Keep customers coming back! Customers can view your Free Digital Menu from the safety of their personal devices.
Our adaptable display ensures clear and focused visibility from any mobile devices. And as an added bonus - your are also saving on printing and designing costs!


Take orders and payments online

New customers can find you online and place their orders. Customers can enjoy this mobile friendly experience from any device and can easily reorder their favorites or schedule orders ahead of time.

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Increase sales and entice your customers

You've heard it before: 'people eat with their eyes', so why not add mouth-watering pictures of your food to your free digital menu. Build lasting customer relationships, while also increasing profits by up to 30%!


Dynamic user experience

Create and update your free digital menu from anywhere and at anytime with powerful Cloud-based efficiency. The intuitive, user-friendly interface helps you set-up with ease, so there's no technical knowledge required.


Help customers find you online

Competition in the restaurant industry has never been fiercer and that's why it's important that you are present in the public eye. Show-off your best marketing asset across all digital platforms and drive customers to your restaurant!

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Create your own menu
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Create your own menu
Dynamic QR code
Optimized for any device
Shareable URL
Real-time menu updates
Supports multi-currency
Pay-as-you-go model
Supports payments in 45+ countries
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