Choose Our FREE Digital Menu to Give Guests a Safe Dine-in Experience!

Contactless menu viewing for
safety during the pandemic
(Use your own device)

Save on printing costs
by going paperless

Not PDF menu but
an interactive menu!

Create your own promotional material
(Table tents, stickers, etc)

Editable menu on the fly and doesn’t require re-printing/re-generating of QR code

Steps to Generate Your FREE Digital Menu


How to use the QR code sticker

Restaurant Tables

Print table tents for each restaurant table with the QR code menu so customers can scan the QR code to view the menu on their own device

Restaurant Window

Place the QR code on your restaurant window so passerby can access your menu easily and your dine-in guests can also view the menu before they enter

Drive Thru

Drive thru customers can scan the QR code to view the full menu on their device

Delivery Vehicles

This encourages more people to see your menu when they see your delivery vehicle!

Food Packaging

Stick your QR code on your food packaging. This is a great way to boost customer retention.

Take a Look at a Sample QR Menu

Scan here to view menu

Save money on printing disposal menus and set up your digital menu!



1. Can guests access the digital menu without using a QR code scanner?

You can request for a custom link from Charges may be applied. Your custom link would look like this: Your guests can type the link on their browser to access the menu.

2. Do we have to generate a new QR code when we make changes on the menu?

No. You can log in to the portal and make unlimited changes and the menu will be automatically updated in real-time.

3. Can guests make payments online?

No. The free version does not allow. If you want an end-to-end contactless experience, please view our premium version which includes online payments and alot more features: