Restaurants are worried about having to shut down their operations but all restaurants need to do is ramping up ‘to-go’ operations!

With the serious concern about the COVID-19 coronavirus rapidly progressing across the country, people want to keep a safe distance from others. Offering curbside pickup service by immediately rolling out Applova’s online ordering solution can fight in an effort to keep their businesses afloat.

Why Offer Curbside Pickup

No human interaction during COVID-19 outbreak

Convenience- Simple pickup and drive off

No wait-lines

Why Applova’s Online Ordering Solution

Custom branded with mobile responsive design

Fully functional ordering website

Flexibility to update menu or product list

Boosts loyalty and engagement

Order through your social media business page

New channel to access new customers

Easy and secure self-payment options

Increases profits during COVID pandemic

How Curbside Pickup Would Work
with Applova

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Though it’s a tough health and safety challenge, each one of us have a role to play in conquering the COVID pandemic. Taking necessary precautions will help curb its escalation.

Applova is operating in full capacity, assuring no service breakdown. We are onboarding new businesses to continue serving their customers online through web, mobile apps and curbside service. We enthusiastically support rush and priority speeds as usual.

To Ramp Up Your To-go Operations

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