Tips for Takeout and Delivery restaurants

Since social distancing is becoming more and more common as the outbreak continues to grow, it is no doubt that having an effective, efficient and convenient takeout and delivery process at your restaurant is going to be very helpful to offset the effects of the virus. Firstly, let us talk about a few benefits of the whole takeout and delivery scheme. Of course, the most important benefit of both these two processes is the greatly reduced interaction between humans which your customers will love. When it comes to takeout, the only point of human interaction your customers face is at the pickup counter where the customer must come to collect their food. Delivery on the other hand, is an even better option as there is now even less interaction and more convenience to the customer since the food will be delivered to their home taking away the need to physically step into your restaurant. Here are a few tips that you can use to make these two processes even more efficient, convenient and more attractive to your customers.

Take out:

  • Try to increase your speed of operations

Since there are no customers willing to physically dine in at your restaurant, you can utilize some of your otherwise idle staff to help make operations more efficient at your restaurant. For instance, open up more pickup points if there are many orders, aid kitchen staff to speed up their work, help with keeping customers in safe distances from each other and so on.

  • Use high quality and effective packaging

When packing your customers food, it is essential that you use the best quality material to pack your customers food as well as seal it very well so that there is absolutely no possible risk of contamination. Your customers will definitely love the extra effort you are putting in and are most likely to come back again, even during such uncertain times. Additionally, you can also add some sanitary napkins along with each takeout order.


  • Make sure your kitchen is adequately staffed

When your customers learn about the delivery option, there will most likely be a continuous surge in your orders and unless your kitchen is well staffed, you will find it difficult to keep up with the large number of orders.

  • Ensure that your delivery staff use all necessary safety measures

It is crucial that you train and inform your riders to always follow safety measures when making deliveries. For instance, always wear a face mask, always have sanitizer with them, wear gloves, keep an appropriate amount of change with them and such other precautionary measures.

Let’s face it, without seeing a proper solution to this pandemic, it is very important that you take the necessary measures to somehow keep your restaurant running. Providing your customers methods to remotely order and conveniently pick up, or have their food delivered to their doorstep are guaranteed to help your restaurant.

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