Sanitizing your Self-ordering Kiosks

Self-ordering kiosks have been playing an increasingly important role in most restaurants in the present restaurant context. To those who don’t know, a self-ordering kiosk is a device that lets the customer place his or her order and pay without having to interact with a human cashier. The customer can choose from all items in the menu by just the touch of their selection on the screen and after the payment is made, the particular customer's order goes to the kitchen after which the chefs begin to prepare the customer's meal in the order in which it was received.

During this pandemic, kiosks are a great way to reduce human to human interaction which is something that almost every government in the world has already requested its citizens to do. Reduce human interaction and practice social distancing. So with a kiosk, this problem is directly addressed as customers do not have to interact with cashiers or waiters who want to take their orders. With the effective placement of self-ordering kiosks, your customers can now efficiently and conveniently order their food with an added level of privacy as well. Studies have proven that customers are likely to order more food via a self-ordering kiosk to this added level of privacy they receive when ordering.

To make this process of ordering via a self-ordering kiosk even more effective during this crisis, a process you need to implement is to sanitize your kiosk each time a customer has used it. What you can do to make this easier is to have a dedicated staff member nearby the kiosk with necessary sanitizing equipment to ensure that the self-ordering kiosk is clean and sanitized for each new customer. To make things better, being a silver lining to your restaurant during this time of need is not the only benefit that a self-ordering kiosk can offer. Your self-ordering kiosk also plays the role of being a guaranteed line buster on really busy days as well. Customers are much more likely to order via a self-ordering kiosk instead of having to stand in a line until their orders are taken. Studies have also shown that self-ordering kiosks have increased customer's average ticket size by 20% to 30% in some cases. This is mainly because your kiosk is able to promote items with higher margins initially and prompt for add-ons and extras which most customers are likely to purchase.

With the effective placement of self-ordering kiosks, you will notice that fewer people tend to stand in line in front of the cashier and most people prefer the kiosk. This is, therefore, a great method to reduce your front-of-house labor costs and instead allocated these staff to do other important restaurant activities. Order accuracy is also one aspect that has been proven to increase when using self-ordering kiosks. Customers are much less likely to make errors when selecting their orders via a touch screen and there is no cashier involved in the process who can potentially make an error when entering the customer’s order. So, overall, it is a win-win for your restaurant and the customer.

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