Making your restaurant a safe place to dine

When you think about the COVID – 19 virus, the main thing people focus on is its highly contagious nature. That is, how easily it can spread from one person to another. Medical and health professionals around the world have narrowed it down to the theory of how it mainly transmits through saliva and the tiny particles released when someone sneezes or coughs. So how have people been asked to stop this? By avoiding social interaction, but always washing their hands, by maintaining a distance of one meter amongst each other in public and other such safety measures. To put a stop to the spread of the virus, people have been practicing social distancing and greatly minimizing visits to public places, restaurants, supermarkets and so on. However, it is not unlikely to see customers walk into your restaurant if your properly take measures to keep your restaurant clean and a safe dining environment for them. If your restaurant is still lucky enough to not be asked to close for a while by the authorities, it is crucial that you pay attention to how you can make it the best and safest dining experience for your customers even amidst the global pandemic.

A few tips you can keep in mind are:

  • Strategically place sanitizer dispensers

Of course, when customers dine in at your restaurant, people having to touch door handles, cutlery, tables, chairs and a lot more items in your restaurant is something you cannot prevent. Instead, what you can do is keep a sanitizer dispenser or even bottles of sanitizer in places where human touch can be frequent.

  • Ensure your staff are thorough with all safety measures

It is also very important that you train your staff all the necessary and effective safety measures when they are working at the restaurant. For instance, please ensure that your staff wear masks, gloves, use sanitizer as and when needed, keep a distance of 1 meter when interacting with customers or even each other, wash their hands frequently and properly, and by properly we mean a minimum of 20 seconds each time. If this might become a hassle where customers have to be kept waiting for 20 minutes while staff wash their hands, allocate more staff to fill in any gaps.

  • Provide sanitary napkins with the order

If you are able to spend a bit more on sanitary napkins, during this period of crisis, please do so. All you need to do is provide a couple of sanitary napkins along with the food when your staff serve your diners at the table, or just add a couple of napkins if a customer opts for takeout. Your customers will surely love it and this initiative can go a long way.

  • Be sure to frequently sanitize and clean your restaurant

You should train your staff to clean and sanitize your restaurant as frequently as possible. For instance, wipe kiosks with sanitizer, clean door handles, wipe tables with sanitizer, mop the floor, wipe physical menus with sanitary napkins. This is to ensure that your restaurant is clean and safe for customers to use.

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