Applova’s web-ordering has been a value addition to Omega Transaction Corp- to make payments possible anywhere online, thereby, increasing the number of payment transactions. The web-ordering solution has been extremely flexible in compliance to social distancing measures in our world today. The solution included a key feature- curbside order & pickup which supported restaurateurs to continue driving sales without much of human interaction during the crisis. This feature lets the customer place their order online and when they arrive, the staff takes the meals to the back seat or trunk of the car.

The crux of the matter is obtaining sales

Across all States, restaurant sales took a nosedive as businesses were forced to closure and guests in self-isolation. Like all other businesses, Chez Nous too found it difficult to drive sales during the time of crisis. But Chez Nous was determined to adapt and drive sales while adhering to social distancing measures. They had to change the approach to reaching out to their customers by adapting to online ordering. While their profit margins were already razor-thin, they wanted to steer away from apps with hefty investments and commission as it cuts deeply into the profits made from each order.

The Solution

Chez Nous wanted a fair and affordable technique to facilitate online ordering and found Applova as the ideal provider to support in driving sales. Applova’s web-ordering included curbside order & pickup, which was one of the key features that supported social distancing measures to keep staff and customers safe. Scott Simonson, Owner of Chez Nous says, “Due to self-isolation measures, we had to encourage off-premise dining. With Applova’s online ordering and curbside services we were able to sustain and obtain orders even through these challenging times.” Scott Simonson also adds, “Applova’s teams were very responsive and supportive in training to get our staff up to speed with the new solution as quickly as possible. The transition to Applova was frictionless and our customers found it very easy to order and pay online”.

To drive more sales, Chez Nous reached out to their customers through emails, SMS and social media. They built strong ties with their customers leading to loyalty as it is understandable, in-house dining and gathering in groups is going to take longer to bounce back as people will take some time to trust it is safe. So, Chez Nous will continue driving revenue with Applova’s online ordering- the new sales channel for taking drive thru, takeout, curbside and delivery orders.

About Chez Nous

Chez Nous, a fine dining French restaurant, has amassed a remarkable number of awards on for their quality, excellence, best chefs of America and so on among some of United States top 100 restaurants. Start ordering from Chez Nous today:


About Applova

We are a trusted technology advisor for restaurant launch, and beyond – we help restaurants of all sizes to achieve more during the most challenging times.

Applova Benefits

  • New channel to drive sales
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Enhances customers buying experience
  • Improves customer loyalty
  • Reduced human interaction
  • Accepts online payments

It’s your turn to adapt to online ordering