With the current situation in the world, with the wide spread pandemic adversely impacting the majority of businesses, it is essential that as a restaurateur, you are able to sustain your restaurant. With government curfews being put into place, with large gatherings and social events being cancelled or avoided, with groceries and supermarkets running out of stock, it is no doubt, COVID – 19 has led to a huge economic problem. However, at this crucial and difficult time, you must plan and initiate different strategies to keep your restaurant running without having to shut down and result in a huge loss in revenue. At Applova, we believe a great technique you can implement to your eatery is curb side pickup. So, what exactly is this restaurant curb side pickup?

In the simplest of terms, curb side pickup refers to your diners remotely ordering their favorite food from your eatery and just driving to a designated parking spot nearby your restaurant after which one of your staff members will hand deliver their food to the car itself. Now how can this benefit your restaurant? Keep reading to find out:

  • Guaranteed to evade restaurant clutter

With the highly contagious nature of the virus, people have been urged to keep unwanted interaction to a minimum. The bad news is that your customers are also included. Giving your diners the opportunity to order their favorite meals during this time as well as not have to interact with other people is a definite win-win, right? Not just during the period of this outbreak, but in general, curb side ordering and pick up is a great way to reduce unwanted crowding at your restaurant as well. This will thereby help you increase productivity and reduce customer waiting times as well.

  • Increases customer convenience and loyalty

The introduction of curbside ordering and pickup is also a great way to increase customer convenience, loyalty and publicity. Why and how? Of course, your customers are going to love this option, especially during this time. Let's face it, you love to serve your customers and they love to eat from your restaurant, but none of that is going to smoothly happen with such a pandemic amidst us. When your customers hear about the curbside ordering, not only will they love the convenience and safety of this, but will also encourage others around them about this great feature you now offer. Just imagine, finding out that their favorite restaurant now lets them order and pick-up their food from the convenience of their car and at any time they choose. This is not only a novel and fascinating method of getting their food, but also your customers will love the thought of not having to pay too much attention to where they park or the long line which might be at the restaurant. Just set up some designated parking spots for curb side pick-up and you are good to go. No one likes to stay home, confined all day long and eat the same food every day. Diners look for much more of an experience with their restaurant choices now, and surely curb side ordering can help you deliver to them, that experience.

  • No hidden costs or commissions

When you initiate curbside ordering through Applova, you do not need to worry at all about any hidden costs. You can simply enjoy risk and commission free profits during this difficult time.

Research has shown that there is a definite rise in online and mobile app ordering, mainly for one reason: convenience.

So now let us talk about how exactly you can set up curbside pickup for your restaurant. Trust us, its much simpler than it sounds.

Curb side ordering works best with either a mobile app or an online ordering option. Let me explain what that means. When you have your own mobile app, you can simply add the option of curb side ordering to the ordering process. Applova goes the extra step and does it for you, so you don’t have to worry about any technicalities. Give your customers this option and they are sure to love it.

Another way to integrate curbside pickup to your eatery is with the use of your online ordering option. When your customers are online on your webpage, they can simply select this option and check-out and that’s all there is to it. They drive up to your restaurant at the time specified by them, pay and simply drive off.

Not only is curb side ordering a great technique to offset the effects of this virus, but is also a great long term strategy and marketing tool for your restaurant.

Published MARCH 20, 2020

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