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What does this mean for your needs?

Why lot of breakfast coffee stops, order-in office lunches, and take-out dinners use online ordering?

But, take into account that because Millennials have a great deal of experience with digital devices. They will have high expectations in terms of ordering for takeout or delivery.

The power of the customer has never been this prevalent.

Today’s customers demand convenience - and want real-time on-demand services to fulfill their purchasing preferences. In many industries, technology adoption is certainly not a choice, it is a mandate for businesses to stay relevant and competitive.

Into the restaurant industry, a digital footprint is a given. Asrestaurants without an online presence will struggle mightily for awareness and reaching new prospects.

But a very good website, online menu, and great reviews continues to be not enough. Today’s customers expect convenience and engagement. They wish to explore your site, review your menu… order… and have the choice to pay.

By doing this, as soon as the order is ready all they have to do is quickly pick it up to take out or dine in. It will help free up your workers to attend to in-store customers, and minimize the total amount of cash transactions, directly avoiding order errors.

Hungry customers tend to be more impulsive. Once they visit your mobile site, check your existing menu selections, and discover the gorgeous images of one's delicious items – you get the ability to close the transaction right then and there!

Don’t allow them to entertain the idea of reviewing another restaurant.

The restaurant landscape is changing*:

  • 45% of consumers say that offering mobile ordering or loyalty programs would encourage them to utilize online ordering services more frequently.
  • Orders placed via smartphone and mobile apps will end up a $38 billion industry by 2020.
  • Pizza chains reported an 18% rise in customer spend from online/mobile order vs. phone orders.

Utilizing the Applova Mobile Order-Ahead App, you can open a unique sales channel using the potential to significantly increase sales.

As well as with top line business growth, you will get a custom branded mobile app along with your logo, graphics, and personalised look and feel.

This powerful mobile app opens up a complete new engagement stream with customers through push notifications, special deals & discounts, marketing campaigns, and many more!

Turn those customer insights into actions, while you run performance and engagement analytics to know and better predict your customer’s purchase behavior. And get orders sync along with your onsite POS systems and printers.

Drive new sales – engage, invent, and reward your prospects – and build brand loyalty with Applova’s Mobile Order-Ahead App.

Originally published June 14, 2019, Updated August 26 2019

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