Since its origin in January 2020 in Wuhan, China, Corona Virus, better known as COVID-19, has rapidly affected several countries. This has no doubt caused great unrest and turmoil in the global economy. The number of cases continue to rise and without proper counter measures, it can severely affect your restaurant. With more than 3000 confirmed cases in the United States alone, it must be taken with absolute seriousness. Due to the contagious nature of this virus, the general public has been advised to avoid any events with large gatherings, refrain from visiting cinemas which have been closed until further notice and in general, avoid frequent interaction with people. This could mean this can affect your restaurant as now diners are less frequent and prefer staying indoors. However, do not be disheartened as we will now help you understand two of the best methods you can use to fight the drop in sales caused by outbreak and sustain your restaurant.

Three key methods you need to keep in mind with regard to how to fight off the negative impact on your revenue are :

  • Online ordering options
  • A mobile order ahead application
  • Offering curbside at your parking spot

Firstly, with the mass public asked to remain indoors as often as possible and avoid gatherings, you need to be able to provide your customers a method that they can use to remotely order their favorite dishes and only have to visit your res-taurant to pick up or pay and pick up, depending on the options you offer. One of the best options is a mobile order ahead app.

Here at Applova, we always consider your needs as our priority and we believe that we can craft the perfect mobile order ahead application for your restaurant. Let us take a moment and consider the benefits of a mobile order ahead app for your restaurant.

  • A great marketing tool for your restaurant

Not only does a mobile app give your customers a remote method of ordering their favorite food via the app, but also a method of greater publicity and reach for your restaurant. With the use of an app, there is a great chance of reaching new, potential customers for your eatery as well.

  • A great way to keep up with competitors, even during periods of tur-moil

Especially during this period of unrest, your customers now have a way to order their food via your app without having to visit your restaurant and wait in line with a lot of other people. Customers will find this very beneficial and will love that you have made available a method for them to remotely order and just simply pick up their meals at your restaurant.

  • No commissions or hidden costs

With the Applova mobile order ahead app, you can now enjoy profits free of any commissions and hidden costs. Instead of having to pay between 20 to 30% of your revenue to third party delivery apps, you can now enjoy this as profit for your restaurant.

Secondly, another counter measure you can use to fight the effects of this pan-demic is having the option of online ordering. Online ordering provides your din-ers a seamless and convenient method to order their favorite dishes online via any device they wish to use, be it a computer, mobile phone, tablet and much more.

Online ordering brings your restaurant many benefits other than just a counter measure to fight off the effects of this outbreak.

  • Customers can access your restaurant and order via any device

Not only does this provide your customers a method to order without having to step into your restaurant and wait in line, but it also provides them a method to order their food via any device with the simplest of steps.

  • Reach more customers

With the option of online ordering, you are now able to reach customers who you previously were not able to. Additionally, with this convenient option, your diners are going to spread the word for you. Another plus point, yay!

While wishing everyone to remain safe and always take necessary precautions, we do not wish that your restaurant experience a drop in revenue. This is why we at Applova are providing you with the perfect counter measures to fight off the negativity of this pandemic and sustain your restaurant.

One other novel method of fighting off the revenue drops caused by COVID-19 is the introduction of curb side ordering.

Let us consider the benefits of this.

  • Allows for an even smoother and swifter service

With the use of curb side ordering, your customers can now pay for and collect their order from the convenience of their car in the parking spot itself. This re-moves the need for your customers to have to physically enter your restaurant for even a brief period of time which is something that we try to avoid these days with the outbreak.

  • Easy to integrate with your mobile application or online ordering

It is quite simple for you to include this option of curb side ordering with either your mobile order ahead app or your online ordering option. Your diners will sure-ly love the convenience and safety this method brings to them even amidst such uneasy times.

Published MARCH 17, 2020

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