The novel 'coronavirus disease' which is now being identified as a global pandemic was proven that it spreads from an infected person to another upon close contact through contaminated droplets spread by coughing or sneezing. Although as of now the virus is yet to show any signs of being spread through food; the food serving restaurants need to be very cautious due to numerous types of contaminations that can occur daily during raw material handling, food preparation, food serving periods, staff engagement and when dealing with the customers.

With the concepts of using minimal food preparation time, quick service strategies and innovative menus, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) comes into play with a significant role during this coronavirus outbreak as it contributes to the day-to-day lives of people with its efficiency, flexibility and less human contact provided. But, what if Quick Service Restaurants can provide a digital experience to its customers to fasten the process? This could well be the ideal time to pull off something like this in this hour of need.

The availability of restaurant apps and food ordering apps incorporated into Quick Service Restaurant systems will streamline the entire ordering system as it will integrate the most important functionalities of the business to make the process quick and efficient with a reduced number of staff. The presence of an online ordering app will attract remote customers for your foodservice station which will eventually increase the size of the sale.

Let's dive more into the importance of digital presence to QSR during this COVID-19 outbreak,

Save time, money and reduce physical contact with other humans

Through food ordering apps, unlike phone conversations; various communication mishaps could be avoided and also with the reduced staff involvement and not needing physical existence to make the order, will create an ideal environment to support social distancing hence it will help reduce the spread of this highly contagious virus. In just a few clicks the customer can place their ideal order for an immediate pickup or has the option of scheduling a pickup time.

Accessible on any device

The availability of online restaurant ordering apps on any device from any location would expand the customer base, making it convenient for end customers to place the order regardless of the location with a touch of a fingertip. During a serious viral outbreak, it will add huge value to your restaurant as it is a clear indication that you have considered your remote customers too.

Appealing imagery & effective communication options

As it is recommended to have social distancing to stop the spreading of the coronavirus; many have chosen to stay at home. Hence many would not have the opportunity to obtain the naked look and feel of different dishes that your restaurant is offering. But with the enticing food imagery and helpful prompts offered through restaurant apps, it will help your customers to easily navigate through the online restaurant app and place their orders browsing through various graphical demonstrations of the available product in terms of pictures/videos/descriptions.

Easy and secure self- payment option

In just a few clicks, the customers can order and self pay using their debit & credit cards with zero physical contact of money which will also help to reduce the spreading of the disease.

Personalized Customer communication

With the incorporation of mobile apps as restaurant apps, you can send personalized messages to the customers to let them know about new menus, bundle packages, special promotions, and maybe helpful tips on COVID-19 virus outbreak so that it will not only build the customer relationship but also will be another effective mean of showing the care and affection you have towards your customers.

Provision of valuable business insights

COVID-19 virus outbreak has already started to negatively impact businesses worldwide. As much as it hinders the daily activities and professions of employees, it attacks employers as they are now facing failures in their business strategies and a decline in sales due to the fear and misinterpretations associated with the virus. By digitizing your QSR business with food ordering apps it will help you to gain actionable business insights that you can easily find answers to instance questions like what is the most ordered dish at your restaurant or when is the best time to run promotional campaigns? , and which customer segment in terms of age/gender/culture has engaged with your restaurant the most/least during a given period of time?

Published MARCH 19, 2020

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